Paedon Brown Is Jealous Of Christine's Tree [Credit: Paedon Brown/Instagram]

Paedon Brown JEALOUS Of What Is Under Christine’s Christmas Tree

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Paedon Brown revealed that he’s jealous of what’s under Christine Brown’s Christmas tree. His famous mom took to  Instagram to share a series of adorable photos. The Brown family is getting ready for the holiday season. Thankfully, their holidays look much different than they did last year.

In the new season of Sister Wives, Kody argues with his kids about his strict COVID rules. It’s looking a lot different for Christine and her family, but for a different reason. In November, she announced they’re filing for divorce after 25 years of marriage. Now, she’s focused on giving her kids and grandkids the best Christmas ever.

Christine Brown’s Christmas is looking much different this year

As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Christine admitted that her split from her former husband Kody Brown was a long time coming. The new season shows a lot about the difficulties that they have along the way. Christine becomes emotional when she learns that the family is no longer moving back to Utah.

Things aren’t getting any better in Arizona. Ultimately, Kody felt that it was the best place for him and his four wives to raise their families together. Christine made it clear that she’s had her heart set on Utah. She had some hope that they would move back there one day.

Paedon Brown Instagram
Paedon Brown Instagram

Yet, Kody was set on raising his family in Coyote Pass. The family is still figuring out what to do with their land. In her confessional on Sunday night’s episode, Christine admitted that they’re “struggling more than ever before.” She tried to “pretend” and just go along with it, but she reached her breaking point.

Christine couldn’t even address her concerns with Kody. She feels that he broke her trust. On the heels of their split, Christine and Kody’s Christmas is going to look a little different this year. The former couple shares six children, including Paedon Brown, which fans rarely get to see on the show.

Paedon Brown is feeling jealous of Christine’s Christmas tradition

On Tuesday, December 7, Christine shared many adorable photos of baby Avalon under the Christmas tree. In the slideshow, the sweet girl enjoys a gingerbread cookie. She also has a big smile on her face. Little Avalon wears a jumper that features foxes all over it.

“Decorating cookies with Avalon tonight!! #decoratingcookies #gingerbreadmen,” Christine captioned the post.

Sister Wives Paedon Brown
Instagram Paedon Brown

Paedon snuck into Christine’s comments. He shared that he’s “so jealous” of their holiday fun. “I would love to be there with you guys,” he added. Sister Wives fans flocked to his comments to thank him for his service. Paedon is currently serving in the Army.

Baby Avalon Eats Christmas Cookie [Credit: Christine Brown/Instagram]
[Credit: Christine Brown/Instagram]
Unfortunately, he won’t be able to enjoy the holidays with his family. Paedon often pops up in Christine’s Instagram posts. Back in September, he gushed about how much he loves and misses his mom so much. It’s obvious that these two are close.

What are your thoughts on Christine’s relationship with Paedon Brown? Can you relate to his jealousy? Do you have a kid that’s away from home during the holidays? Sound off below in the comments.

Sister Wives airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

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  1. I don’t think Christine needs to legally “divorce” Kody because their marriage is a spiritual marriage. Perhaps she needs to legally separate her financial status from his though. And of course there’s the issue of Child support for Truly until she is 18. I wish Christine nothing but the best, I understand her frustration. May you find happiness living where you are truly happy Christine.

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