Julie, Chase, & Grayson Chrisley Volunteer For Toy Drive

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It is the time of year where families like Julie Chrisley’s crew love to give back. The Chrisley’s consisting of patriarch Todd Chrisley and children, Grayson, Chase, and Savannah Chrisley are always happy to share their Christian values. This year Julie, Chase, and Grayson are using their star power to help those in need and give back to their community.

The Chrisley’s are always happy to give back. They curate a box of gifts each year that only features companies that do good and give back in big ways. This is only one way that they are involved in charities, there are lots of others. Chase has a candle line that made a point to release a candle for Breast Cancer Awareness.

How Did Julie Chrisley And Family Give Back This Year?

Julie Chrisley posted a picture on her Instagram of her, Chase, Grayson, and a few others holding Merry Christmas signs.

Instgram, Julie Chrisley

Julie said, “Thank you so much @a.woman.like.you for letting us join you today! A huge shout out to @tennesseeallianceforkids for all you do!” The charity is for children who might go into foster care, something that is near and dear to the family’s hearts. They care about children in need. This charity helps them get the proper care while staying safe with their families. The organization helps children who are at risk of going into foster care and those who are aging out of foster care.

The woman they joined, Jennifer Reid, shared what a blessing it was to be there for the Tennessee Alliance for kids toy drive on her Instagram as well.

She said, “thank you to my sweet friend @juliechrisley who has the biggest heart, and literally said, “what can I do to help you and what time should I be there?”

Fans Love That The Family Is Giving Back

Julie Chrisley’s fans love that the family wanted to give back for the holiday season. One said, “awe – super people with super big hearts!” Another said, “This is so wonderful! What a Blessing to be able to help these precious Beautiful Children.”

Instagram, Julie Chrisley

Fans also love to comment on her kids. One fan said, “Chase! You’ve grown so tall so fast! You look down on Mama now, daddy too, probably!” Another said, “oh my goodness! Grayson Chrisley is so grown up! What a great cause!”

The event was able to give one hundred and fifty children treats and toys. They also were able to meet up with Santa Claus to tell him what they wanted for Christmas.

Read about Todd Chrisley’s savage clapbacks here.  What do you think about the family giving back for the holiday season? Comment with your thoughts below.

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