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Farrah Abraham Sending Cease And Desist Letters, Says Co-Stars Are Racist?

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Farrah Abraham is sending cease and desist letters to her Teen Mom costars. The reality star announced she was doing so on a series of Instagram stories where she also detailed what exactly she was telling her costars to stop doing.

In the social media videos, which are no longer active, Farrah Abraham called her costars “racist,” stating: “I’m handing out cease and desist today to some Teen Mom cast members who wanted to gang up and totally be like, I don’t know, racist in their own way. But anyways, cease and desist day,” per The Sun.

“We’re going to be seeing it because I ain’t dealing with it when the show comes out.,” she added. “I handle my business like a true adult.”

Farrah Abraham Sending Cease And Desist Letters Like An Adult

The reality star’s announcement about the letters comes just two days after the former reality star spoke to TMZ about the Teen Mom reunion. In her interview, she was asked how it was seeing her old castmates.

“I always wish them the best,” she replied. “I think there’s still a lot of progress to be made.”

Asked if she was uncomfortable at all during the filming process, she added, “I’m going through a lot of stuff personally so I think that was more overwhelming for me than going back to a TV show.”

Farrah Abraham
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Before she joined the reboot and reunion, Farrah Abraham last appeared on Teen Mom in 2017. The end to her time on the show came after a discussion between the reality star and producer Morgan J. Freeman.

The outlet reported that she had to make a decision between continuing to work on Teen Mom OG or “creating adult entertainment content.”

When faced with the either/or decision, Farrah Abraham decided that she wanted to try her hand at the adult entertainment side of things. By all accounts, she was relatively successful in that area, though she eventually decided it wasn’t something she wanted to do long-term.

Lawsuits Are Nothing New

While Farrah Abraham is sending cease and desist letters to her Teen Mom castmates, this isn’t the only legal action she’s taken lately.

Over the Spring and Summer of 2021, the reality star attended a Harvard Extension School. However, near the end of the summer, she started threatening to sue Harvard.

The young mother, who has come under plenty of scrutiny lately, claimed she had been the subject of an “educationally abusive” professor. While she didn’t explain further what exactly she meant by that, she also stated: “I will be taking legal action against Harvard. I properly gave them time. I sadly had to write a review on Niche, on Yelp and on Google Maps because no one was getting back to me.”

Like that Harvard lawsuit, it’s not been made clear what Farrah Abraham was sending cease and desist letters to her castmates … for.

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