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Todd Chrisley Spills Secret Cure For Headaches

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Todd Chrisley shared a cure for headaches on his social media. Those anxious to learn the secret to what fixes headaches shouldn’t get too excited. This one was passed down through the family.

The post he shared was his grandmother’s cure for headaches. It’s no surprise her answer was a bit sarcastic. Fans of the show know the family loves to be smart-mouthed with each other.

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Nanny Faye is the queen of sarcasm. She often gives not only son Todd, but her grandchildren a hard time. She’s very much a fan-favorite, because they never know what she’ll say.

While fans have never met her parents, they have met her sister Francis. The two get into trouble together. Nanny Faye loves to gamble on horses and even gambled on crabs when the family went to Florida. Nanny Faye is a true Southerner, raised in South Carolina.

Fans also know she grew up on a farm doing chores with her family. The post on Todd’s account doesn’t have a source, just the words. It isn’t clear if Todd is talking about Nanny’s mother or his father’s mother. Nanny Faye was married to Gene Chrisley who passed away in 2012.

What Did Todd Share About His Grandma?

Todd Chrisley posted about his grandma on Instagram. Seems maybe he didn’t get all his sass from his mama. The family famously trolls each other all the time. No one is afraid to say what they really think which makes for some great television.

The post said, “I asked my grandmother a long time ago, ‘what’s good for headaches…’ She said ‘staying away from the mf who gave it to you.'”

Instagram, Todd Chrisley

Todd has proved his sassiness over and over. While dealing with rumors about the families’ financial situation, Todd took straight to Instagram to deal with haters. The family have been battling money fraud accusations. They’ve been open about it on their podcast, Chrisley Confessions.

He said, “I’m not clearing up no rumors unless they say I wear fake s***.” He wouldn’t tolerate someone questioning his fashion.

Fans Liked His Post

Todd Chrisley captioned the post, “A grandma beats Tylenol any day of the week .. believe that.”

One fan said, “I can totally picture Nanny Faye saying this.” Another one had a different remedy from her grandmother. She said, “If I told My grandmother that i had a headache she would always [sic] asked me if I pooped today. Lol.”

A third fan said, “Grandma never told no lies.” Several others agreed with the advice.

What do you think about sassy heritage in the Chrisley family?  Could you see Todd and his grandma having a relationship like Nanny and Chase? Comment with your thoughts down below.

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