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Lifetime’s ‘Christmas Movie Magic’ Stars Holly Deveaux, Drew Seeley

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In this latest It’s A Wonderful Lifetime movie, sometimes movie-magic is not confined to the screen. Christmas Movie Magic stars Holly Deveaux (Baxter, Spun Out), Drew Seeley (Write Before Christmas, One Tree Hill), and Robin Dunne (Sanctuary, Aurora Teagarden).

Here is all you need to know to watch this new holiday movie.

What Is Lifetime’s Christmas Movie Magic About?

Ready to learn more about Lifetime’s Christmas Movie Magic? According to The Futon Critic, entertainment writer Alli Blakeman (Deveaux) is assigned a story covering the anniversary of a classic Christmas movie in the small town where it was filmed.

This is a movie that gives viewers some very intense Christmas feels. This is so significant that Alli, who is normally a hard-hitting reporter, is given this rather emotional assignment.

Alli feels she is a real reporter. Moreover, she is not terribly excited about filming what she considers a fluff piece.

However, she agrees on the condition that it could lead to a big promotion. Therefore, she heads to the small town where the movie was filmed.

Alli quickly starts investigating when she meets a local theatre owner Brad (Seeley). Together, they unravel the mysterious origins of the movie’s signature song.

The story they uncover is about love and heartbreak. These are very real emotions that have made Alli grow as a person.

Moreover, Alli learns that movie magic isn’t always just on-screen.

Lifetime, Holly Deveaux-
Lifetime, Holly Deveaux-

When Can You Watch Christmas Movie Magic?

Lifetime’s Christmas Movie Magic premieres on Tuesday, December 7, at 8 p.m. Eastern. After the premiere, it is available to stream via the Lifetime Channel website.

Lifetime Christmas Movie Magic-
Lifetime Christmas Movie Magic-

Lifetime Co-Stars Sing, Dance In Movie

In Christmas Movie Magic, Lifetime went all out for this movie. In addition, it includes Drew Seeley and Holly Deveaux singing and dancing.

Deveaux recently spoke to iHollywoodTV about the movie. Turns out, there is singing and dancing in the movie. You can even listen to their song on Spotify! The song is called “All In Time.” Best of all the song is now available to stream.

Holly even wears a “classic red beret” that she got to keep after filming.

As for Holly Deveaux, is it just a coincidence that she has such a Christmas-y name? Turns out, her mom loves Christmas, and although Holly was not born near Christmas, her mom wanted her to have a name that is synonymous with her favorite holiday.

As for he own holidays, she watches a lot of Christmas movies including Love, Actually. Because Holly is from Canada, she also gets a real white Christmas. Best of all, her family is all reunited. Moreover, this means decorating the Christmas tree and enjoying their family’s traditions.

Don’t miss the premiere of Lifetime’s Christmas Movie Magic on Tuesday, December 7, at 8 p.m. Eastern.

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