Joy-Anna Forsyth Shows Off Knees, Says FU Jim Bob Duggar?

Joy-Anna Forsyth, Jim Bob Duggar (TLC

Joy-Anna Forsyth made a bold statement to her father, Jim Bob Duggar. This comes amid reports that Austin Forsyth, Joy-Anna’s husband, is upset with Jim Bob. Read on to get the full scoop about the family drama and find out what’s going on.

As we reported earlier, Jim Bob and Austin are not on good terms. Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball revealed that this is the first time Joy-Anna and Austin are learning of what really happened to her when she was just five years old. For those who don’t know, Josh Duggar molested several of his sisters when he was a teenager. A family friend, Bobye Holt recently testified, revealing many shocking details about the molestations.

Now, Josh is amid a child pornography trial, which is why the molestations have come up. They are being used to prove he had a “motive” for downloading the disgusting content. This helps to show that this has been a pattern and that he didn’t access the terrible images by accident.

Joy Forsyth Instagram 1
Joy Forsyth Instagram

Fans and critics believe that Joy-Anna and Austin finding out all of this information is causing tension between them and Jim Bob. Jim Bob also claimed to have forgotten some of the details of Josh’s confession, only fueling the fire.

Joy-Anna Forsyth appears in court, defies Jim Bob Duggar with fashion choice

In a new photo taken of Joy-Anna heading into the courthouse on Monday, she’s showing off her legs. Surprisingly, her dress falls above her knee, which isn’t appropriate in the Duggar family’s eyes. Based on the conflict between Jim Bob and his daughter, it looks like Joy-Anna could be using her fashion choices to defy her dad.

It’s possible that she’s showing some leg in an act of defiance amid the new information about Josh’s molestations. She might be abandoning some of her parents’ strict beliefs based on what she’s found out. It’s unclear how this will affect Joy-Anna and Austin’s relationship with Jim Bob going forward. But it’s safe to say that she’s trying to get a point across to her father. We will have to wait and see what she decides to do next.

Joy showing serious leg today
by u/AntiSentience in DuggarsSnark

So, do you think that Joy-Anna Forsyth’s fashion choice was a statement for Jim Bob Duggar? Do you think it’s an effective strategy? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. For more news about the Duggar family, come back to TV Shows Ace.

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  1. Men just do not realize what they are doing to others pschye. Self control is just that SELF. J-Bob probably tempted by his own kin. So tries to hide it by women draping themselves to no self identity. Me-Shell can’t see it for what it is. I am glad the girls got supportive husbands. That know proper behavior and loving the woman they are with. WOMAN not doll like objects. Apple don’t fall far from the tree, Josh probably was furnished with porn at a very early age.

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