Joy Forsyth ‘Exhausted’ At Josh Duggar’s Trial After Admitting She’s Suffering

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Joy Forsyth has made it clear that things are difficult for herself and the rest of the Duggar family right now. After attending Josh Duggar’s child pornography trial last week, she posted online about “suffering” and putting her truth in God. Now, she is back at the courthouse, and Duggar family critics are noting how “exhausted” the Duggar daughter looks.

For those who don’t know, Josh is in the midst of a child pornography trial. He was arrested in April and his trial began on Tuesday, November 30. If convicted, he will spend decades behind bars and pay several hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines.

Part of the trial includes a testimony from a family friend, Bobye Holt. Josh previously admitted to molesting four of his sisters to his parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, as well as Jim and Bobye Holt. Though Josh won’t go to prison for molesting his sisters at this point, it is used to show that the explicit content didn’t end up on his devices by accident. This proves he has a motive.

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Family critics have speculated that this is why Joy has been going to the trial. They wonder if she knows the truth about her brother molesting her because she would have been five years old when it happened. Critics think she could be going to court to get the facts from Bobye, because her parents may not have shared all of the details with her.

She and Austin could also be supporting Josh. While we don’t know for sure why Joy has been in court, it’s beginning to wear on her. The former 19 Kids & Counting star shared a post on social media, which reads, “Yes, Jesus. I will trust you.🙏🏼I am studying in Job. Job went though so much suffering and yet he received the strength that God extended to him to endure. “

Joy Forsyth appears at the courthouse on Monday morning.

The Sun reported that Joy and her husband Austin are at the courthouse once again. They were there most of last week as well. Based on the photos taken of Joy, Duggar critics believe she is getting worn down by the trial. It’s very heavy and it has probably made her aware of what Josh did years ago.

On Reddit, one user writes, “They look exhausted.” Someone noticed that Joy is wearing glasses, which could be a sign she has been crying. One user adds, “The glasses. Poor thing’s eyes are probably raw from crying.”

Another chimes in, “Austin looks insanely angry and Joy looks exhausted.”

Joy showing serious leg today
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So, does it impress you that Austin and Joy Forsyth continue to show up no matter how upsetting the trial may be? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. For more news about Josh Duggar’s trial, come back to TV Shows Ace.

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  1. My honest thought is that they have been sent by mom and dad to support Josh but are getting more than they bargained for by hearing all the details. It should and will affect them and I’m glad. They need to open their eyes if at all possible to the brainwashing they’ve endured in that family.

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