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Anna Duggar Blasted For Putting Josh Above Their Children’s Safety

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For months, fans have begged Anna Duggar to leave her husband, Josh, and prioritize their seven children. Josh is currently on trial for receiving and possessing child pornography. Videos and images containing children and infants being abused were found on his devices. As the trial continues, more details about his alleged actions have come out.

Many fans are convinced that he’s guilty, but Anna appears to think he’s innocent. She has been at his trial since it began and appeared in court multiple times with him before it began. Meanwhile, she has seven children, Mackynzie, Michael, Marcus, Meredith, Mason, Maryella, and Madyson at home. Mackynzie, the oldest, is 12 years old. Madyson is the newest addition to the family and arrived on October 23.

Josh and Anna Duggar

Despite the severity of Josh’s charges, Anna has continued to stand by him. She appears to be siding with her husband and continues to appear in court while leaving the kids at home.

Anna Duggar is urged to leave Josh and protect her kids.

For months, fans have been hoping to see the news that Josh and Anna are splitting up. Fans fear that Josh could harm his own children, and Anna already refused forensic exams on the children from CPS. Many people believe that it would be best for Anna and the kids to move on.

Disgusting content about Josh’s alleged actions has continued to come out in the past couple of weeks. This has further prompted fans and critics to urge Anna to leave her husband. In a new tweet, Duggar cousin Amy King mentioned that dogs are put to sleep after harming children. Many of her followers assume this is a dig at Josh.

In the replies to the tweet, users are agreeing with Amy and sharing their thoughts about Anna. One user writes, “Perfectly said, I wish Anna would wake up and leave him. How can a mother hold his hand and grab onto him the way she does?”

Another adds, “I absolutely cannot comprehend how the children of this hypothetical mans family aren’t in a protective setting through CPS and mental health professionals. Some of the children of this hypothetical person are the SAME age as the ages of the CSA victims.” Someone else explains that they think Anna is “brainwashed.”

So, they think she believes she needs to stay with her husband no matter what.


So, do you think Anna Duggar is putting her husband before her kids? Do you think she needs to leave Josh and protect their seven children? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. For more news about the Duggar family, come back to TV Shows Ace.

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    1. Lorri, I disagree with you that she isn’t brainwashed, and as for her being dim or mindless as you called her, I have to disagree.
      Her in laws have made sure she stays with him from the beginning, when he went away when he cheated on her and was gone for 6 months or so. They had her staying with them so they could keep an eye on her and told her she had to stay with him, it is ‘her duty’ as a wive, they also told her it was her fault he did what he did because she wasn’t ‘submissive’ enough to him.
      Now, she goes to court every day with him, leaves the kids at home, and his parent’s are also in court. If she doesn’t get those kids checked out, she is as guilty as he is. Her kids should be her number one priority right now especially under the circumstances. she is at risk for losing them if she doesn’t comply, child molestation is something no one should ever tolerate, and if a parent in the home is guilty, and there are kids involved, then under no circumstances should the parent NOT comply with the C.P.S., and get the kid’s checked out. Especially since her husband is a cheater, and a child abuser in the worst way.
      Wonder what her parent’s think of this whole situation.

  1. I would have had the Children checked out by a DR. the very first inclinkig of this. She is ENABLING him, just like HIS PARENT’S did, and you lay down with this VILE MAN ? Either get out or place the CHILDREN some place SAFE !! YOUR CALL…

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