‘1000-Lb. Sisters’: Chris Combs Has Big Fears

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1000-Lb. Sisters star Chris Combs gets candid with viewers during tonight’s episode revealing he has some pretty big fears. What scary things does Chris have floating around in his head? What has him shaking in his boots? Keep reading for all the spoilers.

Warning: Spoilers from tonight’s episode of 1000-Lb. Sisters. 

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Chris Combs reveals several big fears

Chris Combs and his sister Tammy Slaton traveled three hours to see their doctor. Neither Chris nor his sister was really looking forward to this appointment. Truthfully, it has been a few months since they had weighed in. Tammy Slaton, however, was far more optimistic than Chris as she was sure she was doing great with losing weight. She expected the doctor to be elated with her.

Chris, however, had a medical emergency that knocked him off his feet for several weeks. He explained that in that time he managed to put on about 40 pounds. He was working hard to get the weight back off before his appointment. But, he was really struggling.

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Tammy and Amy’s brother reveals a big fear as he gets ready for his appointment. Turns out, his biggest fear is that his doctor will make the decision to drop him as a patient. Chris, however, admits he’s also afraid he will not get approved for surgery. With his weight gain following his medical emergency because of a boil, Chris admits he does expect to get told he can’t have the surgery just yet.

Leaves with one more big fear

By the end of the episode, Chris Combs gets approved for the surgery with one stipulation. His doctor tells him that he can have the surgery if he loses a set amount of weight. Unfortunately, this adds another fear to Chris’ growing list. Speaking to the camera, Chris admits he’s afraid he won’t be able to lose enough weight to get the surgery when the time comes.

Were you surprised to use someone as tough as Chris Combs has some pretty big fears? Did you find yourself emotionally connecting with him as he shared his fears? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on this TLC series.

Chris Combs Youtube

Catch tonight’s episode of 1000-Lb. Sisters Season 3 titled “Heavy Hoarders” tonight only on TLC. The episode is available for early streaming via Discovery+. Older episodes and the first two seasons are also available in the Discovery+ streaming library.

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