‘Young and the Restless’ Weekly Spoilers: Billy Hatches Another Insane Plot

The Young and the Restless spoilers for December 6-10, 2021 reveal Billy Abbott doing what he can to save the company he nearly destroyed while still seeking revenge because Billy just can’t ever get anything right.

Young and the Restless Spoilers: Jack Sees Billy for Who He Is

After his mother trusted him with ChanceComm, Billy (Jason Thompson) is embarrassed that he let her down but he still hasn’t learned any lessons. When Jill Abbott (Jess Walton) tells him she plans to save the company by selling the company, he decides he wants to be the one to buy it but obviously, he doesn’t have the money.

That’s when Billy goes to his big brother, Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman), to see if he can get an infusion of cash and Jack tells him no right there on the spot. He knows Billy just wants revenge on Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) and Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) and Jack is not going to help him with that. But Billy is still determined so he hatches another crazy plan to get his hands on the company and enact his revenge. Does this ever work out for Billy? No, it doesn’t and he’s about to get himself in a whole lot more trouble.

Abby Newman of The Young and the Restless

Will Chance Ever Be the Same?

Now that Chance Chancellor (Conner Floyd) is home, Abby Newman Chancellor (Melissa Ordway) really wants to pick up their life together as if nothing happened. He is alive and home and they even have a baby now. That will be easier said than done because Chance seems to be traumatized by all that happened to him on his mission.

But Abby is very much like her Uncle Billy and lives in a dream world. She convinces Chance to go to a welcome home party in his honor despite the fact that he tells her he doesn’t want to go. There is already a strain on their marriage. Will Abby’s desire for the white picket fence family make things worse?

young and the restless phyllis - michelle stafford

Phyllis Makes New Life Decisions

After breaking up with Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow), Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford) has been at a crossroads in her life. She’s been leaning on Jack knowing he is still very much in love with her and she has had to question her feelings for him. Jack and Phyllis agree to start things over this week but is this a fresh start at romance or a fresh start at friendship, forgetting they almost went somewhere else with it.

Phyllis also has a long talk with Nick and the two come to some conclusions. Are they ready to get back together or part as friends? Phyllis has a lot of choices to make regarding the two most important men in her life.

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