‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Is Two-Faced As Christine Breaks Down

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A new Sister Wives promo shows Kody Brown is two-faced when it comes to his relationship with Christine. Keep reading to find out what he did now and why Christine breaks down.

Fans are calling out Sister Wives patriarch for selfish behavior

Sister Wives think they are seeing the worst of Kody already this season. His dismissal of Christine Brown’s desire to move back to Utah didn’t go over well with viewers. Obviously, it didn’t go over well with his third wife, either.

Christine officially announced the end of their marriage in early November, just weeks before Season 16 was to premiere on TLC. So, now viewers are watching the interactions between Kody and Christine, looking for what went wrong.

Christine and Kody Brown via YouTube
Christine and Kody Brown via YouTube

Additionally, viewers are upset over Kody’s treatment of his and Christine’s daughter, Ysabel. The season was filmed in late 2020, so fans already know that Ysabel did have surgery to correct her scoliosis. We also know that Kody did NOT go with his daughter. The two have a tough discussion on the December 5th episode of the reality show.

Kody Brown two-faced 

TLC shared a new promo clip on Twitter ahead of the next episode. The clip features Kody apologizing to Christine for being harsh previously when he dismissed her idea of moving to Utah.

While the family patriarch is nice(-ish) to his then-wife, he tells another story in to the cameras. During his discussion with Christine, she asks if moving to Utah is “on the table still.”

In a confessional, an exasperated Kody reacts to her question. “This is a woman who hasn’t heard us all say no. No, we’re not moving to Utah,” he tells the cameras.

The Sister Wives star also slams his third wife as “not very warm.” According to Kody, she’s still “bugged” about the decision not to move to Utah.

Christine breaks down over ‘roller coaster’ marriage

The clip also shows Christine breaking down over Kody’s demeanor. In a bit of foreshadowing, she implies that she is over the relationship. “I cannot ride this emotional roller coaster.”

In a different promo TLC shared earlier this week, they describe Christine as being at a “crossroads” in her marriage to Kody. As the clip ends, she buries her face in her hands, distraught.

Do you think Kody Brown is being two-faced about Christine’s desire to move back to Utah? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

We know that Christine does leave Kody and moves back to Utah. But what we don’t know is how she came to that decision.

Tune in to new episodes of Sister Wives, Sundays on TLC to see it play out.

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