Robyn Brown Fears For Kids, Kody Explains Why Utah Is Not Safe

Robyn and Kody Brown/YouTube

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown fears for the safety of her kids. Why isn’t Utah safe for the plural family? Keep reading for Kody’s explanation.

Plural family battles over where to live

When TLC viewers first met the Brown family, they lived in Utah. Shortly after the series began, the plural family moved to Las Vegas, Nevada. In 2018, they moved again. This time they moved to Flagstaff, Arizona, where they reside today. Well, most of them.

Last month, news broke that Christine Brown left the family and moved back to Utah. Viewers are just now watching as the family fights over moving to Utah or staying in Arizona.

Christine is the only one who wants to move to Utah. Season 16 of the TLC show was filmed in late 2020 and started airing in late November of 2021.

Utah decriminalized polygamy in 2017

The main reason why the Brown family fled Utah was the state’s laws against polygamy. Kody feared legal repercussions for having multiple wives. The reality star is only legally married to Robyn, but considers Meri, Janelle, and Christine his spiritual wives.

However, Utah has since decriminalized polygamy. So, why haven’t the Brown family moved back? According to Kody, it’s still not safe.

Robyn Brown via YouTube
Robyn Brown via YouTube

Robyn Brown fears for safety of kids, Kody explains why

Tensions between Christine and Kody over Utah have reached the breaking point. In a new promo, the family patriarch loses all patience with her, telling her that none of the other wives want to move to Utah.

Kody Brown via YouTube
Kody Brown via YouTube

In a one-on-one confessional, he expands on that. “Meri will go anywhere I choose to go,” Kody says. As for Janelle, she “refuses to leave Flagstaff.”

According to Kody, his fourth wife would ‘love to live in Utah.” However, she wouldn’t feel like her kids would be safe there. Why not?

TLC shared a bonus clip on their Instagram of Kody and Meri discussing the polygamy laws in Utah. While the state did decriminalize it, Kody doesn’t trust it. Furthermore, while it’s no longer a felony, it stills remains an infraction that can result in fines.

What’s to stop lawmakers from changing course and coming after the Brown family, he wonders.

Additionally, the Sister Wives star reveals there is “potential social persecution” for himself and his family. That includes the children he shares with Robyn.

At this point, it’s clear that Kody has no intention of returning his plural family to Utah in the immediate future.

Do you blame Robyn Brown for fearing for her kids’ safety if they moved back to Utah? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. I’ve seen Robin as Trouble from the start, she acts innocent but is controlling of Kody and the family. She is obviously Kody’s favorite. Kody sits nearer her and defers to her input in decisions instead of his older wiser wives. Janelle is the bookkeeper so she will follow the money. Meri is indoctrinated to obey Cody, she didn’t for a while and regretted it. Christine is the only smart independent one and I hope she does wonderful.

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