Jenelle Evans Health Update [Credit: Instagram]

Jenelle Evans Health Update: Nervous, Tons Of Pain

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Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans shared a recent health update with her fans. She revealed that she’s “in a lot of pain.” The cyst that was found on her spine has been “growing,” which understandably has her concerned. The 29-year-old suffers from syringomyelia, which is the cause of the cyst on her back.

It includes symptoms such as muscle weakness and pain. Jenelle took to her TikTok to share an emotional health update with her fans. This comes months after she shared another health update on Instagram. The reality star has been having a hard time with her mental and physical pain.

Teen Mom OG alum talks about her health

Jenelle last talked about her health issues in October. At the time, she told her fans that she was going back to the doctor to monitor her cysts, which were found in her sinus cavities. This should not come as a surprise to fans since she’s been sharing posts about her health for some time now.

However, there are some who think she’s well enough to work. Jenelle quashed those rumors and explained some days are more painful than others. Yet, she will take to TikTok and make a dancing video with her husband around the Thanksgiving holiday. So, it’s understandable why fans are skeptical about her health.

[Credit: Jenelle Evans/Instagram]
[Credit: Jenelle Evans/Instagram]
While no one should judge someone’s disability or health condition, her followers have a hard time believing that Jenelle is as worse off as she lets on. Last month, she took to her Instagram to share an important health PSA with her fans. She underwent a biopsy to see if a skin condition on her leg was cancerous.

Jenelle noticed that the area turned a different color. She backed up her concerns with numerous photos of where the mole was found on her body. The MTV star encouraged fans to get their moles checked out as well. Jenelle stays on top of her health, even if critics don’t believe her.

Jenelle Evans shares her painful health update

She had to take a break from social media because she was not “feeling good.” In a new TikTok video, she opened up about her health struggles. She found another cyst on her spine. It has since grown, causing back pain.

“Honestly I’ve been taking a break from TikTok and I’ve been uploading more to YouTube,” Jenelle Evans said in the video. “Also, I’ve been taking a break from social media a lot more because I don’t feel good. I had another MRA of my back done where my cyst and my cyst is actually growing from six months ago. I’ve been in a lot of back pain, just been resting a lot lately.”

The television personality will see her surgeon next week. For now, Jenelle is “taking it easy” and “resting.” She’s in so much pain that she can’t move. So, she wants to rest as much as possible.

Jenelle Evans Shares Health Update [Screenshot | TikTok]
[Screenshot | TikTok]
“With how much stress I’ve had in my life with the launch not going through and now I’ve received some crazy news about my back so I’ve been really nervous,” she added. “But thanks for thinking about me. I’ll be back soon.”

This comes after her failed sponsorship. Jenelle was recently dropped from her new clothing line. Also, TikTok banned her and her husband David Eason has been making headlines for his own issues. So, it’s understandable that Jenelle would be under a lot of stress right now.

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