‘Hawkeye’ Star Makes Criminal Confession

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Long time Avenger Jeremy Renner is currently starring in a Disney+ show based on his titular character Hawkeye. Recently he’s been doing a press run to promote the show. As part of that press run he did the infamous and hilarious Hot Ones interview. The wildly popular Youtube show has reeled in A-list celebrities from all over to put them through the spiciest conversations possible. Tears and pain very much expected. Renner’s interview is no exception. The interview touches on his career as a whole, as well as Avengers related questions. One particular question about a borderline crazy kind of method acting had fans raising their eyebrows.

Jeremy Renner

The Town

A year before Renner made his first appearance as Hawkeye in the first Thor movie, he was in one of the biggest critical hits of 2010. That movie, of course, is The Town. The crime thriller was directed and starred in by Ben Affleck alongside Renner as well as other Hollywood heavy hitters like Blake Lively and Jon Hamm. The movie was a massive hit that’s still talked about to this day. So it’s no surprise that it turned heads when Jeremy confirmed a rumor about his preparation for the now 11 year old film.

Lie, Cheat, Steal

Hot Ones host Sean Evans asked Jeremy if he could confirm that he did, in fact, spend time with convicted bank robbers to prepare to play a bank robber himself in the film. Renner confirmed that the rumor was 100% true and added some extra never heard before knowledge on top of it.

“Ben didn’t say that initially. He was like ‘Just hang out with these guys. They’ll take care of you.’” – Jeremy Renner.

It wasn’t until after Jeremy had already spent a significant amount of time with the guys attempting to replicate their accents that he learned of their criminal histories.

“They were telling me ‘I just got out of a 20 year bid’ and I’m like ‘What’s a 20 year bid?’ They said ‘Um… 20 years in prison’”

He spoke with them more and learned they had done time in prison for armored car robbery. The exact thing Jeremy was about to act out in the film in production at the time. That sneaky, sneaky Ben Affleck! Renner described the conversation from then on as “intense” but had no regrets. And seemed to take the deception from Affleck in stride and with humor, rather than holding any resentment for being conned into hanging with cons.

No word yet on whether or not Jeremy’s been hanging with any ex-military bow experts to prepare for playing Hawkeye. Doubtful, since that probably doesn’t exist, and also far less exciting than learning about armored car robbery from grand theft auto convicts themselves. But it’s clear he’s willing to go the extra mile to prepare for a role.

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