Dina Lohan goes to jail

Dina Lohan Going To Jail, Glassy Eyed And Reeking Of Booze


Lindsay Lohan’s mother Dina Lohan going to jail glassy-eyed and reeking of booze is just the latest installment of what has been a wild ride of a tale about the entire family. The celebrity mom is going to be spending time behind bars after she allegedly crashed into another car near a mall in Long Island, New York. The impending jail time comes from an incident that occurred in January of 2020.

She was reportedly driving her vehicle with a suspended license last January 11, when the accident happened. According to court documents, she didn’t stop after the accident so the other car’s driver called the police and then actually followed her home.

The responding officer said he found Dina Lohan in her car with “glassy and bloodshot” eyes and smelling of alcohol. Furthermore, when he ordered her to get out of her car she was “unsteady on her feet and fell to the ground on her face.”

After she was able to get a grip on herself, she was arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated. She was also charged with leaving the scene of an accident.

Dina Lohan Going To Jail Was The Resolution Coming For A While

If there is an upside to this whole situation, it’s that the latest installment in this particular saga likely did not come as a shock. The Celebrity Big Brother alum has known for a while that she was likely going to be behind bars, for a little bit anyway.

Dina Lohan
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In September, Lindsay Lohan’s mom appeared in court. In that appearance, she pled guilty to both charges. Apparently, she had worked out a deal with prosecutors. On Friday it was time for sentencing.

Dina Lohan will spend eight days in Jail. She’ll also have her license revoked for 18 months. The reality star will also have to participate in a Stop DWI program in jail. She’ll need to continue that program over the next 18 months. Should she not adhere to the sentence, her loss of license could be permanent.

This isn’t the first time the Celebrity Big Brother star has had this kind of run-in with law enforcement. She was also arrested in 2013 for driving under the influence.

Family Ups And Downs

The news surrounding Dina Lohan comes just as her daughter seems to be putting her life back together. Lindsay Lohan has certainly had some ups and downs. However, she’s making a bit of a comeback when it comes to acting.

A new appearance in a Christmas Rom-Com is supposed to be her big reintroduction to the entertainment world.

However, Dina Lohan going to jail is certainly putting a bit of a damper on that triumphant return. Hopefully, they can all overcome this latest bump in the road.

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