Christine Brown Admits To Hiding Something Huge From Kody

Ysabel, Kody and Christine Brown

In the latest episode of Sister WivesChristine Brown shares a special celebratory moment with the rest of the Brown family. Her daughter, Ysabel, will finally be getting a much-needed surgery to help correct her scoliosis. Unfortunately, according to Kody Brown‘s former wife, there is one aspect of the procedure that she has opted to keep a secret from him. Read on to find out what’s going on with Ysabel and what Christine has been hiding from her children’s father.

Ysabel Finally Gets Her Surgery

After years of pain and discomfort, Ysabel Brown is finally getting surgery to correct the curvature in her spine. Ysabel received her scoliosis diagnosis at the age of twelve. When she was younger, the symptoms were mild and reasonably manageable. Unfortunately, as she grew and got taller, the condition’s symptoms became much more painful. During the latest episode, Christine reveals that finally getting an official date for the surgery is a huge weight off her shoulders. “It’s been about 4 years now that she’s just been in so much pain,” she tells the camera during a confessional.

Kody Wanted Ysabel To Wait Even Longer

Initially, despite Ysabel living with the pain of her condition, her father, Kody, felt that it wasn’t the right time to have the procedure done. Kody Brown has been notoriously ‘cautious’ during the pandemic and has, on multiple occasions, expressed that having such a big procedure felt overwhelmingly risky to him with everything that’s going on.

While fans understand Kody’s concerns about being exposed to the virus, they are disappointed by the selfishness Kody displayed when it came to his daughter’s surgery.

Ysabel, who certainly appears nervous about the surgery, desperately wanted her father to be there. Unfortunately, Kody felt that it would make things difficult in regards to his schedule with the rest of the family because he would have to quarantine for two weeks up to the surgery. This would prevent him from being able to interact with other wives and children.

Fortunately, while Kody initially wanted to put off Ysabel’s procedure, Christine has been a loud advocate for her daughter. Refusing to let her child continue to live with pain, Christine Brown pushed and got an official date for the surgery.

During the episode, Kody still maintains that he won’t be attending the surgery, but muses that at least the pending appointment will require that they keep safe and healthy via quarantine up until and for sometime after that point.

Ysabel and Christine Brown
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Christine Brown Keeps A Huge Secret From Kody

In last week’s episode, Christine reveals to her sister wives and the kids that Ysabel is finally getting her surgery. She explains how the procedure will go and how it will improve Ysabel’s life. Suddenly, the camera cuts to an interview with Christine where she’s telling the camera about the issues surrounding the surgery.

During the interview, Christine jokingly shares a conversation that she had recently had with her daughter. “Don’t tell Kody this. This is a secret,” Christine tells producers and fans in a confessional. According to her, Ysabel had approached her about getting a tattoo. The young reality celeb told her mother that she wanted it under her arm to cover the 4 scar that the surgery would create. The mom-of-six giggles uncontrollably, as she reveals that she gave her daughter the green light on her request.

Christine Brown tells fans that she opted to support her daughter’s request despite knowing that her Dad would certainly not be happy about it. She reasons, however, that Ysabel would be a legal adult at that point. So, Kody’s opinion would no longer really matter.

Sister Wives: Ysabel Brown
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“Kody is so adamantly opposed to tattoos,” Christine says. “I doubt she’s told him, but I mean, she’s going to be 18 and moving out. I guess how he feels about it doesn’t really matter because she [Ysabel] won’t be living at home when she gets one.”

Do you think that Christine was wrong to keep the secret from Kody? What kind of tattoo do you think Ysabel would pick for herself? Tell us in the comments.

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The new episode of Sister Wives airs Sunday at 10pm EST on TLC.

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  1. To he— with Kody and back again. His sorry wouldn’t be there for his daughter at a time like this, it is really no thing to him now. Go for it girl

  2. I’m glad Kristine has her eyes wide open now and knows Kody is for Kody -and Robyn. I think Kody is whackadoodle anyway, but at the very least he is a narcissist and a control freak. He has no idea what being a husband and father is about. He is an attention seeker and it’s finally going to bite him in the ars. Get the tattoo Ysbel. You are an adult. Best of luck!

  3. Are any of the Brown family vaccinated?? Seems that Kody is worrying so much that a vaccination would be helpful for the adults.

    1. I was thinking the same thing and was going to ask. Thank you for asking. I think Jenelle is vaccinated. Watching for the answers.

  4. what exactly does he do w the famlies? except be a sour puss,slamming his wives an kids each show..why is he needed at all… they except robyn whom he sees..promises things…so go off the show an just the women have the show.. he ruined the whole aspect of plural wives….Bye Bye Kody…

    1. Kody has always treated his wives like they are his personal bankroll. He would visit, but never acted like he cared about anything more than how much money they were bringing into the family and he always treated Meri the worst. Even the other wives treated her like a pariah..l don’t know why they didn’t dumpyears ago .

  5. Good for u Christine. Kodie is nuts and don’t know how to b a dad. What do y’all see in him anyway. With that mop on his head. Kodie grow up and cut that shit off it look nasty

  6. Kodak is a male chauvinist pig. All about him. How wrong he has been done. Give him some cheese to go with his whine

  7. Kody Brown is a very large piece of feces. He is all about himself. He never spends quality time with his kids and even admitted he doesn’t take care of them. He wants to act like a stud with 4 wives but won’t even take care of them. He doesn’t work but all the money and furniture his wives have belongs to him based on what he said. Those women do not need a looser like him. they can all have a better life without him. So far Christine is the only one that has been smart enough to figure it out.
    She will do well now and be a very happy lady. Hopefully the others will learn from her. Kody needs to get a haircut and a real job. It would be nice if he would grow up as well. What a looser he is!!

  8. I been watching sister wives from the beginning.I can’t stand Kody, Robyn and Kody deserve each other so sad to hear about Garrison rest in Peace young man.Prayers go out to the family

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