Tristan Thompson's Alleged Baby Mama Drama [Credit: Instagram]

Tristan Thompson’s New Baby Mama Begs For Money Online?

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Tristan Thompson didn’t help his alleged baby mama finanically. Maralee Nichols is asking her followers for money. This comes after the explosive report on claiming that Tristan is about to become a father for the third time. The Houston-based personal trainer filed a paternity lawsuit against him in exchange for $75,000. She also asked for child support before the baby was even born.

Tristan allegedly claimed that Maralee won’t see much of the money she’s asking for. If he’s proven to be the father of her child, he may be ordered by the court to pay her child support. Though she’s asked for privacy during this time, she’s now looking for financial help online.

Tristan Thompson faced with some more baby drama

The NBA star is allegedly becoming a father again. He already shares Prince, 4, with his ex-girlfriend Jordan Craig. He also shares True, 3, with his other ex-girlfriend Khloe Kardashian. The night of Tristan’s 30th birthday party came back to haunt him.

In the court filings of the paternity case, Tristan alleged that he’s the father of Maralee’s son. He allegedly wanted her to terminate the pregnancy after he found out that she was pregnant. Maralee is seeking money and revenge. She’s using his alleged text messages against him in court.

Tristan Thompson Boots Fan From Game [Credit: Tristan Thompson/Instagram]
[Credit: Tristan Thompson/Instagram]
Maralee hopes the texts will provide proof for the paternity lawsuit she filed against him. Still, the Boston Celtics star denies sending her the text messages. The two allegedly got together during his 30th birthday party back in March. Tristan went to a wild party behind Khloe’s back when they were dating at the time.

However, this isn’t the first time he’s been spotted partying with other women. Khloe and Tristan ended their relationship yet again in June because of his womanizing ways. Tristan was spotted at another house party with multiple women. His alleged baby mama claims they hooked up several times at a Houston hotel after they attended a party together.

Maralee Nichols asking fans for money

Maralee was scheduled to give birth on Friday, December 3. The baby news feels like whiplash since the baby is already here. She gave birth to a baby boy. However, she had to go it alone without Tristan Thompson.

Though she asked for privacy, she took to her Instagram Stories to share her pregnancy journey. The fitness trainer claimed that Tristan did not attend her child’s birth. She is left on her own as a single mother. She also shared a screenshot of her CashApp name so her followers can send her money.

Khloe Kardashian
Khloe Kardashian/Instagram

“Between the blogs and the media… Everything has been unsettling these past few weeks,” she wrote. “I’m not a bad person or a bad mother. This isn’t a money thing. I just want him to be apart [sic] of our child’s life. That’s all.”

Tristan Thompson's Baby Mama Marlaee Nichols Asks For Money [Credit: Maralee Nichols/Instagram]
[Credit: Maralee Nichols/Instagram]
Maralee also revealed that she “can’t wait to be back in Houston” with her son. She’s currently in California, where she allegedly met up with Tristan on numerous occasions. The Instagram influencer hopes to start fresh with her bundle of joy. While she has to face motherhood alone, she has high hopes that everything will go well.

Tristan Thompson's Baby Mama Maralee Nichols Asks For Money [Credit: Maralee Nichols/Instagram]
[Credit: Maralee Nichols/Instagram]
What are your thoughts on Maralee asking for financial help? Do you think Tristan will step in and help her out? Do you think she’ll get child support? Sound off below in the comments.

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  1. Yea she is definitely out for money she sees a puppy day if it’s his kid absolutely he should pay bit no money to her he can pay the child’s way threw a third party not to her she a money grubbing whore

  2. Well you decided to open your legs up to this asshole Tristan and I’m sure you planned on getting pregnant to rub it in Chloe‘s face that he was screwing you while still seeing her and that is dirty play and you shouldn’t be like that that’s ignorant and wrong. If it is his child which I’m sure it is getting for child support and make sure he covers the baby with his insurance you make sure he is responsible to pay for his sons college so you want child support for college medical dentist exams so your son stays healthy and don’t ever sleep with this asshole again you were just a plaything to him stop being a fool and get on with your life take pride in yourself stop belittling yourself because of this damn asshole

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