‘Sister Wives’: Ysabel Brown Gets A Piece Of Kody After Christine Drama

Christina and Ysabel Brown/YouTube

Sister Wives star Ysabel Brown gets a piece of Kody after Christine drama. Find out why his daughter called her dad out for having ‘messed up’ priorities.

Kody Brown declines to accompany daughter cross-country for serious surgery

Season 16 of Sister Wives is a year behind real-life events in the family. So, while fans are just seeing Ysabel Brown prepare for scoliosis surgery, she actually had the surgery in the fall of 2020. However, one very important member of her family didn’t go with her.

Credit: Ysabel Brown via YouTube
Credit: Ysabel Brown via YouTube

Ysabel’s father, Kody Brown, declined to attend his daughter’s very serious and very painful back operation. In a new promo clip for the episode airing Sunday, December 5, Kody tries to explain the situation to his daughter.

TLC shared the clip on their Twitter account.

Around her dad, Ysabel puts on a brave face, saying she understands why he can’t go. However, during her one-on-one confessional, the teenager broke down over Kody’s decision.

“I need him to be there,” she confesses. “But then, why isn’t he coming?” “Why wouldn’t he just drop everything for me?” Ysabel wonders.

She doesn’t hold back her feelings as she rips into her dad.

Ysabel Brown gets  a piece of Kody

Like mother, like daughter? Ysabel Brown shows off her feisty side in the short clip. “I think his priorities are a little screwed up,” Christine and Kody’s daughter says.

In another confessional, Ysabel is more composed as she admits that Kody has “a lot of kids to think about.” She understand that he has to make sure all the kids are safe. However, that doesn’t mean she isn’t hurt.

“It sucks. It sucks that he can’t be there,” – Ysabel Brown, Sister Wives.

Why can’t he be there?

She SLAMS his reason for not going

In his own confessional, Kody Brown explains why he can’t accompany Christine and Ysabel to New Jersey for the surgery.

He cites two reasons he can’t go. One is not wanting to be away from the family for that long. Due to the pandemic, he would have to quarantine several weeks before and after the surgery, keeping him away from the plural family even longer.

Secondly, he doesn’t want to risk his own exposure to COVID. In a recent Cameo, Kody Brown revealed that he did have COVID at some point, but he didn’t clarify if it was recent or during the height of the pandemic.

Regardless, Ysabel isn’t having his excuses. In a confessional, she calls her dad brave and strong, but wonders why Kody is “letting fear control him.”

“How long are you going to stop your life for?” Ysabel asks as the preview clip ends.

Fans will see the whole conversation between Ysabel Brown and her dad on the next episode. Read an update on her life after surgery HERE.

Do you think Kody should have put his fears aside for Ysabel? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Sister Wives airs Sunday nights on TLC. However, discovery+ subscribers can watch the episode earlier the same day.

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  1. Yes, he should have been there and is pretty sorry for not being there. Robyn is the one that’s in control. She stated that her littles couldn’t be away from him that long. That’s ridiculous! Kids are resilient and I’m sure they would have been just fine if it was explained to them. Cody is a very selfish man and I hope one day gets his do. He is very quickly alienating his other wives and many of his older children for sobbin Robyn. My predictions is he will in the end only one wife Robyn unless he convinces some other women to marry into the sick relationship.

    1. Agree! Kody jumps when ever snobby Robin says jump. He ignores everyone else. If it was her kids, he would be there in a heartbeat. I feel bad for her not having her dad there during surgery. Notice on the coyote ranch Robin is in charge vs kody. Wish Jennell, and Meri would leave him too. Sure that’s what snotty Robin wants anyway. Family went down hill second they got together. I blame Robin.

  2. Kody’s only concern is Ros his only real wifesince he is married to her shameful-he has failed to be a father and failed to be a husband to his other children and wives -he shows that by only kissing Ros

  3. Blame that witch robyn for that one. She’s jealous of the other wives and kids of course kody blames covid but its all robyn. I don’t blame ysebel for being upset with her dad. I hope she is doing ok after everything this young lady has been through

    1. No way. He’s all there for her kids and only her kids. The rest of his children are very aware that they just don’t matter anymore. Gabe showed as much in the last episode. He has Sobyn figured out.

  4. Kody is a nasty slob and so is Robyn. He doesn’t respect plural marriage at all or his first wife would have been head wife and Robyn would know her place. Sad for his kids.

  5. I can’t imagine how hurt she must feel. She had major surgery, he should have been there to support her and her mom. Part of me wonders if his decision to not go was a way to hurt Christine. He seems to be that kind of person, also he seems very one sided. Any surgeries big or small my sister or I had both my parents were there, even if my dad had to take off work.

  6. Cody Brown seems to be an egomaniac. If it’s not about him it’s not important. I’m glad some of his wife’s are seeing the true Cody, finally.

  7. Kody is a narsistic Manipulator. He married sisters to ensure keeping wives. No remorse, just constantly controlling. Get out of there.vvyou are in an emotional prison. Leave!! He has no remorse and nothing is his fault. Get out of there.

  8. He’s a sperm donor not a father. I just watched a farmer not leave his livestock’s side while he got fixed, that’s a true father.

    We all knew when Sobyn said her kids couldn’t go two weeks without seeing their dad that was why he wouldn’t go.

  9. For such an important surgery he needs to be present. Take the time away from the others. You chose this life. You choose to have that many children. If you dance to the music you have to pay the piper.

  10. Kody is an a**hole, get tested before suit up and go be there for your daughter dummy! He full of it and I wish she woulda told him how she really felt in the moment. I understand being cautious but take necessary steps and support her!! I wish happiness and life for the wives and children. To the wives I hope they find individual, unconditional love.

  11. If you can’t be with your daughter at such an important time then you either have too many kids or you are just a bad parent. Considering he has 4 wives to take care of the other children, he is not acting like a good parent.

  12. Kody doesn’t put any effort into anything. His wives all managed the kids and households. Going with his daughter for her surgery would require effort which he is not willing to put in. He should have gone. He’s just so selfish he can’t see past his nose.

  13. Cody has 4 wives but is a far cry from a man in my opinion. What daddy wouldn’t be there with his child as they were being out to sleep? Oh wait, there’s the difference. He’s a father, not a daddy. There is a big difference. Anyone can leave a alert to make a child but only the real men can be DADDIES to their kids, especially when there’s more than 1. He has 21 kids you say, and I say his own damn fault and choosing. Suck it up buttercup, you suck as a daddy

  14. He only cares about himself. That’s what it comes down to. He’s a narcissist and cares about himself and then Robyn and his kids with her. He’s made it very clear over the past few years with which wife and which family where his loyalties lie. Robyn has 2 young kids and 3 older ones that could help while Kody is away. But she’s always acted as though she can’t take care of her own kids(remember she had a nanny at one point? She doesn’t even work!) So of course she can’t fathom Kody not being there.

  15. I always thought he was a piss poor excuse of a father, and this just proves it. He always let his baby mamas do all the parenting while he just ran around creating more kids that he would be paying no attention to.

  16. Christine you need to leave Kody he cares not for his daughter your not married to him. Take your daughter and run!

  17. My heart was breaking for his daughter. I had 2 hip surgeries when I was her age and my divorced parents dropped everything (including all the crap between them) to be there for me. I dont care if he has 20 or there is a pandemic……SHE NEEDED HER DAD!!!! Stay strong young lady!!!!

  18. Kody is selfish you couldn’t have kept me from it, its his needs before anything other than Robin the rest are nothing to him, their like little kids wanting their attention

  19. Kohl makes me ill. I can not watch the show anymore. I can’t stand that the women let that narcissist control them and their children. So glad that is not my fake religion.

  20. Kody only cares about kody Robin and her children. Shes not innocent I think shes winning. Seems to me he and him try to make other wives and kids the problem to where they can just be alone. And shed manipulates behind the scenes. He’s not a good husband and dad like her was. It says alot he wants his own separate house. Or won’t make his daughter feel like a priority like she should have been

    1. Why don’t all of the Brown family just get vaccinated, it would solved all their family togetherness problems.????

  21. This whole show went to hell in a hand basket after Kody and Meri got divorced. Meri truly loved him for reasons unknown to the rest of us. Meri gave up everything when she did this so Kody could adopt Robins kids who he thinks more of than his own biological children. It wasn’t the pandemic that broke this family apart it was Tornado Robin and Hurricane Kody. Christine made the right choice to leave now she needs to convince Meri and Janelle before they get sucked down the financial rabbit hole that Kody and Robin are creating. Luckily most of the children are older and can see for themselves what a piece of work their “Dad” is.

    1. I so totally agree. He would have went to the surgery had it been any one of Robyn’s kids. I 100% believe that. He wouldn’t have just let her go to New Jersey alone with all of her children, regardless of how long the quarantine time, and recovery was. He would’ve just been away from the rest of his family.

  22. I cannot help but wonder if this was one of Robyn’s kids, would kody have not gone? I feel like he DEFINITELY would have. He would’ve just said I had to go with Robyn and we had to quarantine so we will be gone for 6 weeks from the family. That would be that. Just like he’s the one that all of sudden wanted to move to flagstaff, and it turns out that’s exactly where Robyn’s son was going to college…. Uprooted all of his school aged children, for the second time, some that were going to be seniors. It’s apparent that it’s Robyn and she tries to make it out like it’s all kody, when yeah, it’s the both of them.

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