‘Sister Wives’ Fans Blame Robyn Brown For Kody’s Recent Selfish Action

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Sister Wives fans are blaming Robyn for Kody Brown’s latest selfish action. Do they just hate Robyn or is his fourth wife responsible for his behavior? Keep reading to find out what fans are saying.

Sister Wives disgusted with Kody Brown’s selfish behavior

Sister Wives fans have been calling out Kody Brown for being a selfish narcissistic for years. However, even long-time viewers may be shocked by the patriarch’s behavior on Season 16 of the show. The show was filmed over a year ago, so some of the outcomes are already known.

For example, fans already know that Christine and Kody’s marriage won’t last beyond this season. Additionally, social media-savvy fans know that their daughter, Ysabel, underwent surgery to correct her scoliosis last year.

However, the events prior to the surgery are just now playing out onscreen. In the episode airing December 5, Ysabel confronts her father over his decision NOT to accompany her across the country for the operation.

Kody explains to the cameras that he can’t be away from the rest of the plural family for as long as the quarantine requirements (4-6 weeks) would require. Furthermore, he doesn’t want to risk exposure to COVID, though he does eventually get sick at some point.

The official TLC Twitter shared a preview clip of Kody and Ysabel’s conversation. Fans replied with comments dragging Kody for his selfish behavior. And they have just one person to blame: Robyn.

Credit: Robyn Brown via YouTube
Credit: Robyn Brown via YouTube

Is Robyn Brown responsible?

When Kody Brown said he didn’t want to be away from his family, fans took that to mean he didn’t want to be away from Robyn. Long thought of as his ‘favorite’ wife, Robyn gets a lot of hate from viewers.

Several people replied to TLC’s tweet blaming Robyn for Kody not going with Ysabel for surgery.

Read some of the comments people left about the situation:

  • He should just say he doesn’t want to be away from Robyn because that’s pretty much the only wife he sees.
  • Kody is not going because he’s selfish. He needs to be there.
  • He doesn’t want stay away from his last wife for more than two weeks
  • Robyn’s the puppet master and he’s the puppet.

One viewer even believes that if it had been Robyn’s kid needing the surgery, Kody would be there.

If it was one of Robyn’s kids that needed to travel for medical reasons he would have definitely have gone!! This is getting hard to watch.,” –Sister Wives fan, Twitter.

Do you agree with the fans that Kody Brown is selfish? Is it Robyn’s fault he didn’t go with Ysabel for her surgery? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Credit: Ysabel Brown via Twitter
Credit: Ysabel Brown via Twitter

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  1. Let’s just be honest here. Kody is just using the pandemic as an EXCUSE!!!!! Its the biggest BS ever. It if was my child nothing could keep me from being there with them. Where is your mask Kody, have you had your vaccines. The problem is your last wife, just admit it. She got the biggest house in Arizona. I think all the women should leave your sorry ass. You don’t care about them only about yourself and you sorry ass ego. These women don’t need you, them can take care of themselves..

  2. Nothing would stop me If my child was having surgery. Cody doesn’t love all of his wives. They need to leave your lazy ass. Don’t use the pandemic as a excuse to stay away.stop trying to look and act pretty because your not . You need to take care of your family and kids. If you don’t their is somebody out their that will.. Mary you deserve so much better. Cody treats you so bad

  3. i hope this is the final season. This is no longer a “sister wives” story. I never understood Kody being so kind to new wife’s children while ignoring the others. I guess there is a limit to the number of children you can pay attention to.

  4. Kody is a selfish, narcissistic jerk. He acts dumb as to why his marriages are failing. It’s him. I’m watching episode 3 (season 16) at this moment. His heart isn’t “breaking” at all. Christine, Janelle and Mari need to leave him. I can see them being fine together without kody or Robyn.

    1. You are right. Where would he be if the show stopped and the first wife’s leave him and Robin.He would be broken as a man, and poor. Because he is the father of all the kids and he would have to pay child support. I have stopped watching this show when he asked Mari for a divorce so he “ could adopt Robins two kids if he was married to her!” What a big jerk. You need a new show, how about Life of the sister wife’s with out Cody.

  5. Get serious Kody! You have shown your true colors; One of the biggest narcissist on TLC! You have become a dictator and your own children can’t stand you! And let’s get serious this (family) act that you have put on has become a big joke! Merri is so insecure that she stands by like a lonely pup while you walk all over her and don’t give her the time of day! Come on Merri he has no interest in you and you need to move on. Your hubby walked away from you like a dog in heat when Robyn came along! Janelle she could care less; she will be content with two visits a year from big Kody! Christine is the smartest of them all. She can have a whole new life loving on her grandchildren and start a new life with a man who really loves her and her children! Really Kody if my daughter was having a serious spinal surgery, it would have taken a herd of horses to keep me away! Covid…what a hoax you created! Your family is a laughing joke! And Robyn, wait until Kody is in heat again (maybe when he can take his mask off) you might not be number one anymore! Old Kody can flip his hair around and no matter which way you fling it, you look like a fool! Maybe you could be the next bachelor!

  6. I can’t watch it anymore either. He’s a narcissistic mysoginist. The fact that he claims that a plural marriage means that they all share in the decisions of the family, but then he has the audacity to claim that he’s not the head of the family. Which is it Kody? Are you all equal, or do you think that you are the leader? If you’re the leader, then none of the women should have to work and you should be taking care of all of the wives and children. He’s using covid as an excuse to only be with Robyn. He should just admit that he has no relationship with any of the other wives and let them move on. Not completely true, Janelle, knowing she has no other options, generally tries to appease him, but even she is seeing the light. Maybe he still has sex with Janelle (yuck), but both Christine and Meri admit that they no longer have relations with him. Since when did quarantine mean that you only stay with one wife, and then you don’t allow her see Meri? You just don’t want her to see Meri because you hate Meri and instead of doing the right thing and getting divorced, you just ignore her and are mean to her. Lastly, growing long hair doesn’t cover up the fact that you’re bald on top. Give it up. You look stupid. I’m done. I just needed to get this out of my system. I won’t waste any more of my time watching.

  7. I lied. One more comment. Robyn acts righteous all the time. She also will do anything Kody says. That list of Covid rules was just stupid. And, Meri had been following it, but Kody wouldn’t go see her. Seems like a perfect time to try to work on their relationship – if he truly had any intent of trying to do so. He has 2 wives who are following the ungodly list of rules, yet he only ever sees Robyn. When Robyn said that she has been following that list of rules I thought, “Of course you have. You have to. First, she won’t cross Kody. Second, she’s still getting laid and knows that he won’t even touch Christine or Meri because they have independent thoughts. Third, you get everything you want from Kody. Who else had a nanny? Now I really am done.

  8. TLC should be sending all Kody’s checks to the U.S. taxpayers who supported his sorry a’ss on welfare for 20 years. Look it up Kody and his wives milked the welfare system for countless years. Not to mention they have all taken turns filing for bankruptcy over the years. Does anyone else think Kody uses top ramen for hair weaves on his bald head? Just my opinion but I am surprised someone hasn’t punched Kody’s lights out for the way he treats people. I think it’s only a matter of time before one of his older boys finally has enough of his flat disrespect for their mother. However my guess is Kody doesn’t leave his house without private security

  9. I’m so glad all these people see Kody as I do!!!!! I have nothing to add, except these women need to run from such a jerk. I’m really sorry for his children, he isn’t capable of love, he’s so selfish, not a good role model as a dad.

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