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‘Sister Wives’ Fans Aren’t Buying Kody Brown’s Emotional Breakdown

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Kody Brown appears heartbroken in a new promo for Season 16 of Sister Wives. Find out why fans aren’t buying Kody Brown’s emotional breakdown.

Is he heartbroken over Christine leaving the family?

In November, Kody Brown’s third wife, Christine, announced that she was ending their relationship. The spiritually – but not legally – married couple had been together for well over two decades and share six children.

For fans, the split was a long time coming. Viewers have watched Kody and Christine’s relationship deteriorate on the TLC show. However, many fans thought Meri Brown would be the first sister wife to leave the plural family.

Credit: Kody Brown via YouTube
Credit: Kody Brown via YouTube

A preview clip of the upcoming Sister Wives episode shows Kody Brown getting emotional about the state of his relationships.

COVID ‘really, really, really hard’ on plural family – See Kody Brown’s emotional breakdown

The Brown family was in a unique position during the coronavirus pandemic. With four wives and almost twenty children, Kody tried to put strict quarantine requirements on his family. However, it seems that hardly anyone listened to him.

In fact, in the exclusive Entertainment Tonight clip, Robyn Brown brags that she was able to spend the most time with Kody because she followed his rules.

In an emotional moment in the clip, the patriarch appears near tears as he says, “The whole damn situation is breaking my heart.” However, it’s not necessarily the demise of his relationship with Christine that has him upset. Rather, he reveals that overall, the pandemic is “really, really, really hard” on the Brown family.

Why are fans skeptical of Kody’s emotional breakdown?

Sister Wives fans aren’t buying the tears

Sister Wives fans took to Reddit to dissect the trailer. Many people were cynical over Kody’s emotional breakdown and teary-eyes. Check out just a few of the comments Redditors made about the clip:

  • Yeah, I don’t believe his “tears”, sorry.
  • He learned those crocodile tears from the best.
  • His “tears” were so cringe.

Another fan called Kody out for being narcissistic. “It’s breaking HIS heart. He doesn’t care how it’s impacting Christine or Ysabel. It’s hurting HIM,” they wrote.

Credit: Christine Brown via YouTube
Credit: Christine Brown via YouTube

According to Screen Rant, a different person summed up their feelings with the statement, “I hate him.”

Do you think Kody Brown was sincere in his emotional breakdown? Does he regret letting Christine go? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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