Is She-Hulk Replacing Hulk In The MCU?

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Several of Marvel’s most famous heroes will have people taking up their mantles in this new phase of the MCU. We already know Natalie Portman is set to wield Thor’s mighty hammer. And Ironheart will hijack Tony Stark’s armor and attempt to make a hero of herself in her upcoming Disney+ series announced recently. One of those Disney+ shows we’re far closer to getting is She-Hulk. The name might make you wonder if this character will take the reins from the Hulk. Mark Ruffalo has portrayed the character for nearly a decade now, will he be passing the torch?

Who Is She-Hulk?

She-Hulk is Jennifer Walters, and she serves a very special purpose in the Marvel universe. She’s a criminal defense attorney. And she becomes the legal representation for many a hero who finds themselves in trouble with the law over reckless behavior. She defends many of Earth’s mightiest heroes in court. From the Avengers, to Luke Cage and Iron Fist, to Morbius (Who is played by Jared Leto in a film releasing in 2022).

Jennifer Walters as She-Hulk in the comics

Jennifer Walters is the cousin of Bruce Banner, and gains his gamma-infused abilities after receiving a blood transfusion from him. This is only in the comics, of course. We don’t know how She-Hulk may gain her abilities in her solo series. We do know that Mark Ruffalo will be a recurring character in the show, and he even appeared in the teaser released by Disney recently.

Her abilities are very similar to that of the Hulk’s. One of the notable differences is the level of control she has over her regular human form and her “hulkified” big green form. In the comics, She-Hulk quickly gained the ability to switch between both forms at will. The trade-off being that her strength in the big green form doesn’t quite rival that of the Hulk’s. Still, she’s one of the strongest heroes to ever hit comics since her debut in 1980. And she’s an all-time classic in comics.

So, no. She-Hulk will not be replacing the incredible Hulk we all know and love. How much longer we’ll have Mark Ruffalo with us in the MCU is anybody’s guess. But we can expect to see him and his new partner in property damage smashing their way through our screens for the foreseeable future.

The Actor Behind The Character

She-Hulk is being portrayed by Tatiana Maslany. Known for playing the lead role on the hit show Orphan Black that ended in 2017. She’s a fantastic actor, and is sure to bring an interesting take to the comic book legend that was one of Stan Lee’s last great creations. There’s no official release date for the show, but it is set to hit Disney+ in 2022.

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