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Dale Moss Seen With Mystery Lady, Has He Moved On?

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Dale Moss had a lot of attention on his latest Instagram post. As Bachelor nation knows, he had a very public breakup with Clare Crawley after being on her season of The Bachelorette. The couple left together a few weeks into filming.

Instagram, Dale Moss

After trying to make it work while being on two separate pages about a lot of things, they finally decided to go their separate ways. Now Dale posted a picture with a mystery woman on Instagram, and people are going crazy.

Why Fans Think Dale Moss Is Moving On

A woman by the name of Nika Kindred is standing with him on a beach.

In the post, it says, “What @nikakindred says goes.” In the picture, Dale has his arm around the woman and is wearing sandals. The hashtag is, “no free toes.” It seems to be an inside joke between the two of them. That’s not the only reason fans are speculating.

Dale Moss not only shared the picture with Nika, but he also gushed about her in the comments. One person posted, “Loving this. Cutie pies.”

Dale responded saying, “She’s so talented.” When another person said, “Who is the lady,” Dale answered.

He said, “One of the brightest NYU students you’ll find. Helping me during a busy week during Art Basel.”

Not Everyone Felt Like Being Nice About It

There were some unkind comments on Dale Moss’s post. One commenter said, “Who is she? Shame on you!”

Another fan said, “Shame on him for what? He’s single and can do what he wants.”

Instagram, Dale Moss

A different commenter said, “Some of y’all are crazy! This man owes no one an explanation on who she is…He is SINGLE!! Friend, family, or someone he’s dating is his own business!”

What The Heck Is Art Basel?

Dale Moss was speaking of Art Basel. According to the event’s website, it’s “An international art fair created by Basel gallerists Ernst Beyeler, Trudl Bruckner, and Balz Hilt in the 1970s.”

Dale likely was there in addition to the great art to see a discussion on NFTs. Non-fungible tokens are the newest type of digital product to be sold.

He said he’d been into NFTs from the beginning. Now he’s created his own of Taco Dale. It’s from his Halloween costume modeling days. On his Instagram post, he said, “Check out my NFTs in the first Influencer Club House built by FreshStash in Decentraland. ” Decentraland is part of the Metaverse which is a world created in the Virtual Reality space.

Do you think Dale has a new woman or just a new friend? What do you think of everyone’s reaction to his post? Comment with your thoughts down below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for all things Bachelor.

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