Ivan Hall's brother charged with murder

‘Bachelor Nation’ Ivan Hall’s Brother Charged With Murder, Shot Man In Head

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The brother of Bachelor Nation alum Ivan Hall has been charged with murder.

In fact, Gabriel Hall hasn’t just been accused and charged with murder, but it appears this particular crime was rather appalling as TMZ reports he’s been accused of shooting his victim in the head.

According to the gossip site, Gabriel was arrested in October for the murder of Carlos Veliz Jr. in Abilene, Texas. The filing was contained in recently acquired legal docs. Abilene cops say Hall and Veliz were involved in some sort of verbal argument. In the wee hours of August 31, the argument turned deadly. The altercation reportedly ended with Gabriel shooting his victim in the head.

Area law enforcement said they connected Gabriel to the crime with the help of surveillance footage. That footage showed a car he was renting was at the scene. Police found a spent shell casing in that car. There was also some gun powder residue on Gabriel’s hands and his clothing. In other words, officials working on the murder believe they have a rather open and shut case.

Ivan Hall’s Brother Charged While He Tries To Find Love

It turns out that this is far from the first time that Ivan Hall’s brother has had run-ins with the law. In fact, Bachelorette fans found out about his family history.

The reality star finished third as a contestant on Tayshia Adam’s season of The Bachelorette, and his relationship with Gabriel was a plot point on the show.

Bachelor Nation Ivan Hall's brother charged with murder

During one episode, Gabriel surprised both Tayshia and Ivan Hall when he joined them on the hometown date episode. The trio got to know each other a bit better during the episode. Itt was eventually divulged that the reality romance contestant was almost completely raising his brother’s 6-year-old child.

It turns out the uncle has stepped in as a kind of father figure. That’s because the son’s real father was constantly having clashes with the police.

Bachelor Nation Star Searching For Answers?

While Ivan Hall and his family deal with the fallout of the latest charges, there are still questions surrounding his brother’s alleged actions. Right at the top of the list is why just the reality star’s sibling allowed himself to get into a fight that eventually turned deadly.

So far, the police have released quite a bit of information. Including the fact that murder isn’t the only crime he’s looking at doing time for in Texas.

Gabriel has been charged with murder, possession of a firearm by a felon, possession of methamphetamines, and a slew of other counts according to TMZ.

It appears for now that Bachelor Nation star Ivan Hall’s brother has found himself in the kind of trouble he might not be able to get out of anytime soon. Assuming he can be proven guilty.

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