Kevin O'Leary's 2021 Net Worth [Screenshot | YouTube]

‘Shark Tank’ Kevin O’Leary’s 2021 Net Worth Revealed

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Shark Tank star Kevin O’Leary’s 2021 net worth is a hot topic of conversation. Is the Canadian businessman really a billionaire with his own yacht? O’Leary is one of the six investors on the ABC show that listen to pitches from aspiring entrepreneurs about a business or product they want to launch. Viewers know him as “Mr. Wonderful,” who makes people’s dreams come true. How does O’Leary make his money and what does his 2021 net worth look like?

Who is Kevin O’Leary?

New and current fans of Shark Tank want to learn more about the business mogul. O’Leary hails from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The 66-year-old holds many titles, including author, businessman, politician, and television personality.

Since 2009, he’s been the main cast member on ABC’s Shark Tank. Though he calls himself “Mr. Wonderful,” he’s also a “brutal” investor. O’Leary is often tough on the entrepreneurs who try out for the show. O’Leary has also appeared on Dragons’ Den, The O’Leary Exchange, The Lang, and SqueezePlay.

Kevin O'Leary's 2021 Net Worth Revealed [Screenshot | YouTube]
[Screenshot | YouTube]
Aside from Shark Tank, he also co-hosts Discovery Channel’s Project Earth television series. This series shows the many ways that people can help save the planet. It also investigates the financial implications of the global climate crisis. O’Leary is also a regular contributor on CNBC where he also has his new show called Money Court.

In the six-episode series, O’Leary oversees financial disputes between people. Veteran trial attorney Katie Phang and Judge Ada Pozo join him on the show. He’ll consider all sides of the case, examine the evidence, and deliver justice. On his ABC bio page, O’Leary describes himself as “an avid guitarist photographer and author.”

Kevin O’Leary’s 2021 net worth revealed

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Kevin O’Leary’s 2021 net worth is $400 million. While he’s one of the richest businessmen in the world, he’s not quite a billionaire like his Shark Tank co-star Mark Cuban. He’s made most of his money from investments. Sharkalytics revealed that O’Leary invested over $8 million across 40 deals on 131 episodes of Shark Tank.

O’Leary’s largest investment was in Season 6 when he invested in $2.5 million for 10% of Zipz Wine’s business. His second-large investment was $1 million towards a chain of quick-service restaurants called How Do You Roll? The establishment makes high-quality, fresh, made-to-order sushi rolls.

Kevin O'Leary's 2021 Net Worth Revealed [Screenshot | YouTube]
[Screenshot | YouTube]

Does the Shark Tank star own a yacht?

Aside from the rumors that O’Leary is a billionaire, some think he owns a yacht. Over the summer, he made headlines for a fatal boat crash. O’Leary’s wife crashed their boat, which caused significant damage and killed two lives. She drove the Colbat boat, which made contact with the Super Air Nautique.

The nighttime boat crash took place on Lake Joseph. O’Leary argued that his wife, Linda O’Leary, couldn’t see because it was dark in Ontario’s cottage countryside. O’Leary claims that his wife didn’t drink that evening. A breathalyzer test found that there was alcohol in her system and she was given a three-day license suspension.

What are your thoughts on Kevin O’Leary’s 2021 net worth? Are you surprised that he’s not a Canadian billionaire with a yacht? Sound off below in the comments.

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