Ms. Marvel Fans Angry Over MCU Changes

Nick Davis

Out of all of the upcoming series shown off on Disney+ Day, Ms. Marvel might be the one fans are most excited to see. Not because of her history in the comics, she’s actually a very new hero who debuted in 2013. It’s because of the impact she’s had in the Marvel world in her short time here. And also the representation she brings to the MCU, which hasn’t had an Islamic superhero up until now.

As we get closer to the release, however, it is becoming clear that certain changes are being made to the character. Changes which are souring a lot of fans on the MCU adaptation of the beloved character before her show has even come out

Who Is Ms. Marvel?

Ms. Marvel is Kamala Khan. A teenager from New Jersey who gains superpowers via a lot of comic book mumbo-jumbo that would take far too long to explain (Terrigen mist, Inhumans, other nerd stuff, etc). She takes on the mantle of Ms. Marvel, a hero who has been active in the Marvel comics for decades, and begins to do all the superhero crime fighting you’d expect.

Before Kamala Khan, there was very little Muslim representation in the Marvel comics. One of the only major Muslim superheros was an X-man named Dust. A great character, who many fans hope to see in a future X-Men MCU adaptation. But a minor character, nonetheless.

Kamala Khan was a fresh face and fresh identity in a world full of superheroes who have been around for well over half a century. She instantly stuck with comics fans and has been a major request for an MCU character for years now. Needless to say there has been a lot of hype over the Ms. Marvel Disney+ show, which has been teased towards for some time.

What Change Has People Riled Up?

The issue with the MCU adaptation of the fan-favorite character comes with her powers. In the comics, Ms. Marvel’s powers are her ability to warp her own body. Most commonly, she “embiggens” her fists to incredible size and uses them to smash her opponents. She can do many other things with the power as well such as shapeshifting and a “Mr. Fantastic-esque” kind of elasticity.

Kamala Khan’s signature “embiggened” fists

Through a series of leaks and piecing together clues of the promotional material we’ve gotten around the show so far, fans have figured out that those powers might not be present in the MCU’s Kamala Khan. It seems as though her powers will be more energy-based, and her stretching and embiggening are nowhere to be found. There are plenty of other things to love about Ms. Marvel aside from just her fun powers. But this change has fans wondering how else Marvel Studios might be unfaithful to the character.

Ms. Marvel stars Iman Vellani as the titular character. There are reasons to have trepidation about the show, which is set to be released in 2022. But fingers are crossed and hopes are high that the MCU’s Ms. Marvel can live up to her classic comic counterpart.

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