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‘Lost In Space’: Season 3, A Thrilling Conclusion

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Fans rejoice! The third installment of Lost in Space is finally streaming on Netflix. As of December 1st, the entire third season of the epic space adventure is back! This is the final planned release of the show. Though critical reception of the season is lacking the fans are already delighted to be joining the Robinson family one final time. It excites from the very first episode after the cliffhanger left at the end of Season 2.

Lost and separated

A brief recap might be needed for fans that watched the last season when it was released. Following the separation of the children from the rest of the colonists, the show opens with an exciting moment in the first few minutes. This sets the pace for the show from one suspenseful moment to the next. Lost in Space is back to form with fan-favorite plot twists and suspense. Again, full of delightful teenage drama, family bonding, and killer robots from outer space.

Is Lost in Space Season 3 the best yet?

Some critics slammed the show for being a bit daunting in the early episodes, but this is not the case with Season 3. Will Robison is growing up and so is the show. While still entirely family-friendly there is something for every age and demographic. The plot is easy enough to follow for the kids. However, viewers looking for a thought-provoking adventure might want to pass this one up. Season 3 marks the last installment for this run of the show. Fans around the web are offering up tearful goodbyes to this feel-good adventure. Currently, Lost in Space is trending as number 1 worldwide for all Netflix shows. This includes being the top-viewed show in more than 27 countries. Be sure to find your family, sit down, and watch Will Robinson and Robot face the danger one last time.

Mina Sundwall, Maxwell Jenkins
Baby Robinsons, Twitter

What does this mean for the cast?

It is always interesting seeing what children in big roles like this end up doing. Sometimes it shapes their entire career. Other times, it is a footnote in a bountiful body of work. Mina Sundwall, the actress that plays Penny Robinson, tweeted out a heartfelt thank you in a video following the drop. In the video below you can see the young actor Maxwell Jenkins talk about his personal transformation along with the character he plays. His Twitter bio paints him as a regular Chicago kid but there is certainly more to expect. With such a great start the up-and-coming cast members will be something to watch out for in the future. Lost in Space is sure to be a memorable start for the Baby Robinsons.


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