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‘Life After Lockup’: John And Kristianna Still Married?

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John and Kristianna Miller have had a rough ride from Love to Life After Lockup. They got married once she was released from prison only for her to be sent back. While she was away, some off-colored things happened. Yet, she stayed with him and they planned a proper ceremony/reception. So, has the couple managed to keep their love alive?

John and Kristianna’s Rocky Life After Lockup Past

The two met on a prison dating site. John had been married four times prior so why not give this a shot? One of his daughters was clearly leery when she discovered all of Kristianna’s past charges. She did not want her father to make another mistake but he was gung-ho on being with Kristianna. The two wed outdoors by his pickup truck, branding themselves “Bonnie and Clyde.”

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Unfortunately, Kristianna would return to prison for less than a year. During this time, her mother and sister stayed with John. This was not the best idea as John started to get lonely and her sister, Terra moved in on the opportunity. They almost had a thing but he stopped it. Kristianna learned of what happened when she was released and had to try to forgive bother her husband and her sister.

Credit: Love After Lockup IG
Credit: Love After Lockup IG

Additionally, she had gained some weight so she was constantly bombarded about being pregnant. It was just weight she had gained in prison, her son had confirmed. Kristianna worked really hard, post-jail, to stay clean and rebuild her life. John wanted to make it right so he re-proposed during a “Bonnie and Clyde” photoshoot to which she said “yes.” They made it to the wedding but not without some hiccups.

Are They Still Together?

One thing Kristianna did not know when she was getting ready to walk down the aisle was that John told her sister, Terra not to come to the wedding. It was suspected she was using again. Kris really wanted her to be there despite her hitting on John when she was locked up. She was calling her on the day of her wedding as was her mother with no response. Seeing this playback could have been a dealbreaker for their marriage. However, it looks like it only made them stronger.

Life After Lockup Credit: John Miller Facebook
Credit: John Miller Facebook

The other day, John and Kristianna made their marriage Facebook official, and fans were thrilled. “Bonnie and Clyde forever,” one wrote. Another added: “Awesome, congratulations to you both and best wishes.” They have become a fan favorite and have lasted far longer than most anticipated. It also helped that they received Kristianna’s son’s blessing at their wedding.

Are you surprised they are still together? Let us know and don’t miss Life After Lockup Fridays on WEtv.

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