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Justin Duggar’s Inappropriate Behavior Called Out By Cousin Amy King

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Justin Duggar is under fire for his recent actions, and his cousin Amy King has something to say about it too. She isn’t afraid to make it known when she takes issue with something her famous family does. So, what did Justin do, and what does Amy have to say about it all?

Justin Duggar House Instagram
Justin Duggar Instagram

Justin Duggar acts inappropriately following Josh Duggar’s trial.

Surprisingly, Justin joined some of his siblings and in-laws at Josh Duggar’s child pornography trial this week. Derick Dillard, Anna Duggar, Joy-Anna Forsyth, and Austin Forsyth were all seen at the trial. Justin was there with his wife, Claire, mother-in-law, Hilary Spivey, and brother-in-law Robby.

As we already reported, Justin was met by the paparazzi after attending Josh’s trial on Thursday. The former TLC star is now being dragged for smiling and giving the camera two thumbs up. This came moments after he had just heard about the explicit content found on Josh’s devices. This content reportedly left the jurors uncomfortable, but it didn’t appear to be on Justin’s mind as he left court.

On Reddit, Duggar family critics discussed Justin’s bizarre pose as he left the courthouse. Many people found his response inappropriate given the severity of the case.

This is weird. Even for a child groom. from DuggarsSnark

Amy King issues a bold statement on her cousin’s actions.

On social media, Amy has spoken out in response to Justin’s actions. Now, this isn’t the first time that the Duggar cousin has sent out posts that appear to be directed at her family. But this time, it’s much more obvious what she is talking about.

In a tweet, Amy wrote, “Also you don’t smile with your thumbs up leaving in a situation like this. Where is the respect?”

She then sent out a follow-up tweet about showing emotions and urged Justin to “be real for once.”

Amy didn’t end the conversation there, however. She also shared a couple of photos of herself, her mom, and her son, Daxton. She thanked her mom for teaching her “it’s ok to express my emotions.”

In the post, she’s seemingly speaking out against Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar for putting their family’s lives on TLC.

Amy King Instagram
Amy King Instagram

So, what do you think of Justin Duggar’s pose when he walked out of the courthouse? Do you agree with what his cousin Amy King said? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. For more news about the Duggar family, come back to TV Shows Ace.

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  1. Good for Amy, she’s the only real one in this whole bunch. Every one of them is sick!!! I hope they put that monster away for the rest of his life!!! The best thing those Duggar kids could do is get so far away from those looney parents. And Anna with that stupid smile on her face??? What is wrong with her, why is she still with that puke???? She needs her head examined.

  2. This just shows how young Justin acting. He was to young to get married also.
    The judge should have a talk with him on good behavior when you are in court
    And give him community service for his actions.

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