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Terry Bradshaw Opens Up About Painful Drug Overdose Death Of Loved One

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On a brand new episode of his reality television show, Terry Bradshaw opens up on exactly the kind of pain he’s feeling after losing a family member to a drug overdose.

In the episode of The Bradshaw Bunch, The NFL legend is attending an annual gala for the 525 Foundation. This organization is one that is dedicated to educating people and raising awareness about the dangers of alcohol and prescription drug misuse and abuse.

Joined by his wife Tammy, daughter Lacey and her husband Noah in this sneak peek clip, the former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback tells a reporter at the event that he first learned about the foundation through Tammy, whose son, Cody, tragically died of an overdose.

During the conversation with the reporter, Terry Bradshaw opens up about how important the night is to him. It’s also clearly important to the rest of the family who are there to lend support.

“Tonight, my daughter will be speaking so that means the world,” he says, eventually taking the stage to introduce Lacey himself.

“It was a beautiful sunny morning and I got a phone call from my dad,” Lacy then begins her tale. “And he says, ‘Well, we lost your brother last night. My logical response was ‘Well, where’d you lose him?’ Of course, he said to me ‘No, we lost him last night of a drug overdose.'”

Terry Bradshaw Opens Up About A Big Loss

As Lacey continues to speak, it’s clear members of the family are emotional. She goes on to remember her brother as smart and funny.

Terry Bradshaw
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Lacey added that her brother brought a light into the room whenever he entered.

“He just had this energy that people would gravitate towards,” she says in her speech. She the adds that his death “just didn’t make sense” as he had no history of addiction or drug abuse. “It was just one night, one mistake and that’s all it took.”

It’s the fact that he wasn’t an addict and yet is now lost to Terry Bradshaw and the rest of the family that has caused Lacey to want to speak.

“If I could just save one sister from getting to miss hating her brother’s girlfriends, it would all be worth it for me,” she says with a sad smile. “That’s how I’m trying to make change here.”

Recovering From The Loss

Later on in The Bradshaw Bunch episode, the NFL analyst turned reality TV star is all about praise for Lacey.

He applauds Lacey in a confessional, telling her, “I was really honored that you asked me to help you but you went out there and you took ownership of everything that you had to deliver. And it was really good.”

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