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Sources Allege Tyra Banks May Be Responsible For Low ‘DWTS’ Ratings

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Many Dancing With The Stars fans aren’t very pleased with the show since Tyra Banks took over as hostess. And Season 30’s ratings were much lower than originally anticipated. Those two reasons combined have a few news outlets speculating that she may not host when it’s time for Season 31 to air. Read to learn more.

The show just isn’t pulling in high ratings since Tyra Banks took over as hostess

Dancing With The Stars executives originally replaced Tom Bergeron with Tyra Banks because they wanted to take the show in a new direction. But now that we’ve had two seasons with the model as a hostess, many fans are less than impressed. According to The Sun, the network is meeting soon to map out the show’s future for Season 31 — and that may include discussing a new host.

According to the source, the network is shopping around for “at least one or ideally two major household names that fascinate fans.” At the end of the day, this could literally mean anyone.

Of course, this could also just be gossip. After all, Tyra Banks is also the executive producer, so she pulls a lot of weight in the boardroom. It may be hard to replace her than that. Keep in mind that rumors also floated around that the show could move forward without Tyra ahead of Season 30. And those turned out to be false.

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But there were seemingly many incidents over the course of Season 30 that just didn’t sit right with fans. One of her dresses even went viral, with many fans comparing her to a dinosaur from Jurassic Park.

For now, we will just have to wait and see. ABC hasn’t even renewed Dancing With The Stars for Season 31 yet and it won’t be here until next fall if it does receive the green light.

The contestants seem to really appreciate the supermodel’s presence

Although Tyra Banks may not be very popular with the show’s fan base, it appears the show’s contestants don’t mind her. In fact, many really seem to appreciate her around the ballroom.

According to The Sun, Olivia Jade recently had nothing but positive things to say about Tyra Banks following the Horror Night episode.

“I think she has been doing great. I love Tyra,” the influencer told the publication. And she wasn’t the only one who thought so.

“I thought tonight she definitely stood out to me in a good way, she has been very sweet and supportive, she’s also developed relationships with all of us and I think that is very important to have that personal connection,” Cheryl Burke chimed in. “She looked gorgeous tonight and she has definitely found her own stride with the show… So I think she is doing great.”

What do you think will happen? Will Tyra Banks be back for Season 31, or will the network replace her? Leave your ideas in the comments.

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