Kody Brown Breaks Down Over Christine Split

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In a new Sister Wives preview, Kody Brown breaks down over the state of his relationship with Christine months before split. Find out why he called their relationship ‘awkward.’

Season 16 of Sister Wives traces Christine’s exit from plural family

Sister Wives viewers who follow social media already know the outcome of Season 16. After struggling with her failing relationship with the plural family, Christine Brown chose to end her spiritual marriage to Kody Brown. She announced it on her Instagram a few weeks before the new season premiered on TLC in November.

However, Season 16 was likely filmed in the fall of 2020, meaning viewers are watching it all unfold.

Christine and Kody Brown via YouTube
Christine and Kody Brown via YouTube

Christine Brown has yet to give a concrete explanation for why she left Kody. But it’s likely that she will explain more on the reality show. Just two episodes into the new season, fans are already seeing the cracks in the entire Brown family’s foundation.

Did COVID-19 tear Brown family apart?

If the timeline is correct and Season 16 filmed in September of 2020, the coronavirus pandemic was still raging. Reportedly, Kody Brown imposed – or attempted to impose – strict precautions among the plural family. However, neither his children or most of his wives followed his guidelines.

He reveals as much in a new promo for the next episode of Sister Wives. Media outlet Entertainment Tonight shared an exclusive clip in which Kody says, “The whole thing with [Ysabel] doing the surgery, and the whole thing with my family and this disparity in behavior during COVID, is really, really, really hard on our family.”

Kody and Christine’s daughter Ysabel had surgery in the fall of 2020 to fix scoliosis. However, Kody declined to accompany her and Christine because he didn’t want to quarantine from the rest of his family.

How else did the pandemic strain affect Kody’s relationship with Christine?

Kody Brown breaks down, admits family struggle is ‘breaking my heart’

In the ET clip, Robyn Brown reveals that she was the only one of Kody’s then-four wives to follow his COVID rules. Therefore, she was able to see him the most.

That didn’t go over well with Christine. In the preview, she discusses how much it upset her.

“It’s hard to see him with everybody. It’s really hard to see him in functional marriages when we don’t have one. It sucks.” – Christine Brown, Sister Wives.

According to Kody Brown, the issue goes much deeper than having a “functional marriage.” In fact, he implies that he doesn’t have any respect for Christine.

After describing their relationship as ‘awkward,’ he said, “This is not the experience of people who are soulmates or people who even love and respect each other in a deep way.”

As the clip ends, Kody Brown gets emotional as he breaks down.

“The whole damn situation is breaking my heart,” he says. Watch the preview clip here.

Do you think Kody Brown is heartbroken over losing Christine? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Well after three women give their entire life to him and take care of him and give him all those beautiful children, him and Sobyn Robyn destroy their life’s. Janelle next to get rid of.. pretty sorry piece of crap he is

    1. Get rid of his narcissistic ass. He’s a jerk. Why do they need him. They support themselves and families. Stop wasting your time ladies

    2. I am so upset as Kody is not the man I thought he was. Meri is his first wife and was thinking only of him to give him the divorce but felt that him and Robin had that planned the whole time. He should have divorced Robin and remarried Meri as then I felt all marriages would still be ok. She still loves him and he won’t even give her a chance..

  2. He is worried about the money coming in,
    He should of paid more attention to the other 3 ,not just Robin,
    Robin came in & bang,shortly after ,the stuff started to fall apart,

  3. Where do I start? 1. I think you all are giving Robyn way too much power in this relationship. I think the ONLY person that has fractured this relationship is KODY! Since Robyn came into the picture, it seems to me that KODY has made his choice with WHOM he wants to spend the rest of his life with. I think KODY has too much of a controlling spirit that he tries to make the wives feel that he is JUSTIFIED in all of his decisions because he “wears the pants in the family. First it was MERI and now it`s Christine! When COVID hit Kody JUSTIFIED his choice to STAY WITH ROBYN making things tense since with limited contact with his “other wives as well as her children. I have my opinions on the adults in the family who I like, but that doesn’t matter. How is it ROBYN’S fault? If it were Christine she would seem MORE of a dominance in the family and evolve into a more reverant person in the family. I do think the equality in your in wives part of the relationship is DEFINITELY not equal. SHAME ON YOU KODY BROWN!

  4. I have always thought Kody is a user. His wives support him and he tries to control them. I am honestly surprised it took Christine this long to break the ball and chain. Janelle will be next. I have no words for the disgust I have for Meri. He has treated her terribly, had her divorce him so he could legally marry his true love, Robyn, but, yet, she’s still like a little puppy dog begging for attention and still doesn’t have the guts to leave his sorry rear. Kody, I have no sympathy for you. You reap what you sow.

  5. Robyn is absolutely manipulative. Kody is as well. Congratulations on your booby prize, Robyn. You two deserve each other. It’s obvious you’re both miserable, so enjoy your time. He’ll get sick of you eventually.

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