Exclusive ‘Gold Rush’ Preview: Beets Down Millions, Eighty Pup Cut Needs To Come Through

Eighty Pup or bust! On the Friday edition of Gold Rush, Tony Beets, aka the Dutchman, has a situation that is not a laughing matter as he is down millions of dollars.

Tony has a new granddaughter, and they say babies bring good luck, but the hits keep coming for the colorful Tony Beets, whose entire family is in on the business at this point, and he needs a reversal of fortune fast.

The exclusive preview for TV Shows Ace shows a replay from last season’s water disaster, but will the lousy streak keep going, or is he due for a break?

Eighty Pup paydirt needs to pay

Almost halfway through the season, Tony Beets, the king of the Klondike, is struggling to recover from a significant blow. Dropping more than five million dollars on new equipment to open his Indian River claims, only to be denied a [water] license.

Now he’s swinging wildly. The Eighty Pup cut is days away from being mined out. And Tony desperately needs another quick hit
to fill the Beets’ family coffers.

Last season tony pulled 2000 ounces out of the mega cut and believed the previous section would be the richest in gold, but before he could mine it, disaster struck.  Water breached the dirt dams and filled his cuts up so they could not process any paydirt.

Seemingly distracted by the circumstance, he says: “Eighty Pup is not going to last forever. So now it is time you know to check out these
spots that a guy keeps an eye on for [but] he just can’t get there. So here we are digging some holes.”

What’s going well for Tony Beets?

His only daughter Monica Beets had a baby girl. On August 14, she posted a family picture on her Facebook page.  A few episodes back, we met Monica’s first child Jasmine and saw how Minnie Beets was in love with her grandchild and simply over the moon babysitting her.

But Tony needed a competent extra hand, and maternity leave ended.  Monica was mixed emotions as she described how her daughter’s presence had softened Tony a bit. He also noted in that episode that without his kids, he’d be f***ed. Aw.

This episode hopefully shows some gold for Beets

The entire episode leads to the finale, and the race is on for Beets, Ness, Schnabel, and Lewis, as fan favorites like Juan Ibarra and Freddy Dodge make appearances.

Brandon has reskinned the trommel in two days and saved Tony $85,000, and as the Dutchman says, “That’s a good day.”

Meanwhile, Lewis and company are at California Creek, and they could use some breaks too.  And how many people think that Juan and Freddy should have another season of Freddy Dodge’s Mine Rescue? They are great together.

Have a look at what Tony is dealing with this week:


Gold Rush airs Friday at 8 PM ET/PT on Discovery.

In addition to watching the series on Discovery, viewers can check out new episodes each week on DiscoveryGO. Additionally, viewers can join the conversation on social media by using the hashtag #GoldRush.

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