‘1000-Lb. Sisters’ Fans Urge Amy Halterman To Drop Tammy Slaton

Amy Halterman TLC

1000-Lb. Sisters fans urge Amy Halterman to consider dropping her sister Tammy Slaton and move on with her life before it is too late. As we previously reported, fans began to wonder during Season 2 if Amy would abandon her sister after having Gage. During Season 2, fans sang a slightly different tune as they hoped Amy would continue to have time for her sister. As Season 3 continues to pump out new episodes, fans aren’t really feeling Tammy Slaton anymore.

In fact, after this week’s episode, fans dragged Tammy Slaton as a calculated and manipulative person. They took to social media platforms in groups to drag Tammy for her behavior. 1000-Lb. Sisters fans desperate want Tammy to get her life together. They, however, don’t want to see Amy Halterman throw her life away to take care of her sister.

Amy Halterman enjoyed and lost her freedom

After giving birth to Gage, Amy Halterman made a promise to her sister Tammy. She told her that Gage would now be her number one priority. She told Tammy that she would put being a mother to her son before everything else. When Tammy Slaton went to the food addiction rehab… Amy Halterman got her first real taste of what it felt like to enjoy her family without taking care of her sister. This freedom was cut short when Tammy lost just 60 pounds and decided she didn’t want to be there anymore.

At this point, Amy Halterman made the difficult decision to hire a nurse to help take care of her sister. This way Amy could free herself up to take care of her son.

1000 LB Sisters Tammy Slaton - Amy SlatonYoutube
1000-Lb. Sisters – YouTube

Nurse settles in, fans beg Amy to stop

As Nurse Tisa settled in and got to know Tammy, fans took notice of Amy almost appearing to be jealous. At one point in time, Amy Halterman admitted she could hear Tammy and Nurse Tisa joking through the walls. Fans were not happy with the way Amy responded to the situation. They blasted her for acting jealous and insisted she leave the nurse alone and let her do the job she was hired to do.

1000-Lb. Sisters fans pointed out that Nurse Tisa had the right idea warming up to Tammy and coming in as a friend. Once she got Tammy to trust her, she would have an easier time working on things and taking care of her. Other fans speculated Amy Halterman had unrealistic expectations for Nurse Tisa.

Tammy Slaton Nurse Tisa YouTube
Tammy Slaton Nurse Tisa YouTube

They pointed out the nurse was a home health aide. She was there to help care for Tammy and do things Tammy couldn’t do. But, the nurse was not a magic solution for weight loss. Fans noted Tammy needed a personal trainer or a dietician of some sort if Amy wanted a professional to help work on her weight loss.

Overall, however, what fans really want is for Amy Halterman to give her sister up. They want to see Amy let Tammy succeed or fail all on her own.

1000 lb sisters Amy Slaton Halterman Instagram
1000 lb sisters Amy Slaton Halterman Instagram

Do you think 1000-Lb. Sisters fans are right? Should Amy Halterman give up on her sister to focus on herself and her family? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on this TLC series.

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  1. Amy should worry about herself. Spend more time on her diet and exercise plan. Leave Tammy to work out her problems. An overweight person trying to tell another overweight to stick to a diet is beyond crazy. Practice what you preach Amy.

    1. I concur, Amy has a family now. And they should be number one period.! I think it’s very irresponsible and selfish for Tammy to think that Amy should still be taking care of her.! She should definitely be more responsible for her own life.!!!

    2. Tammy has always treated Amy badly. When Amy tried to
      Give Tammy encouragement Tammy would get mad. Tammy is holding her family members back. She has no intention to lose weight. Tammys brother is having more trouble pushing her around in wheelchair taking her places he is going to end up
      Hurting himself and it doesnt seem like tammy cares

      1. Tammy needs to quit being selfish. Amy has been good to her and Tammy doesn’t appreciate anything anyone does for her. Tammy, “woman up” and start doing things for yourself. If you truly want to lose the weight, get off your ass and try, for once, to prove it. You’re an adult, act like it.

    3. Yes I agree with the fans and Amy needs to leave Tammy alone n let her try n do this for herself. If Tammy is going to fail then it’s going to be on her own terms. Amy needs to focus on her son & family if she wants to save what she has now .

    4. Does Tammy not realize how hard it is to push 660lb of nothing but fat?l have been a RN FOR 30 YEARS AND THESE OBESE PEOPLE are spoiled.They have enablers that bring them food because Tammy esp.cannot go get food.l was so disappointed in Amy for getting her pizza because she would get mad if she didn’t.BETTER FOR HER TO GET MAD AS OPPOSED TO DEAD. TAMMY will not try to do Anything.Please TAMMY YOU DO NOT HAVE LONG LEFT.PLEASE QUIT EATING YOURSELF TO DEATH.

  2. I believe she should let her sister succeed or fail in her weight loss but not kick her out of her life they are best friends we all have ups and downs

  3. Amy is blessed to have lost the weight in order to have Gage but Tammy is too immature and self- centered to want better for herself. Amy needs to move further away from her sister and start enjoying motherhood and being a wife. She has too much to lose trying to help her sister who is playing games and needs a reality check! I’m routing for Amy, Gage, and husband to move on, get back to a healthy weight, and enjoy that precious gift of a child, and her husband! They need to let Tammy work on Tammy or not; it’s her life, her choices!

    1. Amy should distance herself from Tammy. As long as Tammy has Amy and get other siblings tending to her every whim she has no incentive to help herself. I am of the opinion she will end her life just as she is now.

      Amy enjoy your own life.

      1. Tammy blames everyone for her weight gain, they are not pushing food down her stomach. I don’t think she has no intention on losing weight. But she’s on social media meeting men that only date women over 400 pounds so what does that tell you. She is rude as hell and constantly gets mad and says I don’t want to talk about it.

  4. It’s not about “practice what you preach ”
    Tammy obviously doesn’t want to loose weight, all her family are trying to do is help her before it’s to late & she becomes bedbound.
    If this was my sister & if I was Amy I’d be encouraging my sister too.

  5. Amy has a beautiful son, a husband who loves her and Tammy keeps stuffing food in her mouth! What is there to think about? Concentrate on YOUR diet and YOUR wellness, enough of this BS already

  6. I agree with Olivia P! Amy needs to work on herself! No one ever points out that she hasn’t reached her goal or done any of the diet and exercise that anyone else who received this surgery would have been expected to! Just because she got the baby she always wanted, doesn’t mean she can go back to shoveling, she needs to be around to raise him!

  7. I have watched every episode and have seen how abusive Tammy is to everybody and especially Amy. Tammy needs to quite playing the (oh poor me carspd) and get back on the diet/exercise program. She can do it she wants to.

  8. I think Amy is addicted to Tammy! Sweet Jesus let the Home Health Aide do her job and mind your own business. Move closer to Michael’s work, like he wanted to do years ago. You always say “My baby comes first!”
    Well, Prove it and put your HUSBAND and BABY first!!!! Tammy is going to wallow in her fat as long as there are “Feeders” (Your words) on the internet. You, of all people are not going to change her!! You drop everything to answer her calls for food. STOP playing victim and take care of your immediate family. God Bless Michael for putting up with you, give that Man a break, literally. You’re making him responsible for You, Gage and that Ungrateful, Ignorant, Selfish, Entitled and LAZY sister of YOURS. Who’s more important? Michael or Her? Do something for him. Let him enjoy his beautiful baby and his wife. Now move out, move on and be a Family. 🤷🏼‍♀️

      1. Tammy needs to be put in a nursing people also need to tell Tammy she has to push herself or wheel herself around in the wheelchair she would find out if she would do that that would help with weight loss to her upper body as long as she looks the way she does she’s never going to get a decent man

  9. Amy, please move away from that abusive sister of yours and take care of yourself and your own family! Don’t let your child end up over weight because you are taking care of a sister who in the end just wants to eat herself to a grave! She’s not even trying! If she was trying then she would stay at the hospital and work through her loneliness and get herself healthy! She just doesn’t care if she lives or dies! I think she’s trying to die and that’s why she keeps quitting! You have to quit living her life and live your own life again! DO IT FOR YOUR SON AND FOR YOUR MARRIAGE!!!!!

    1. Yes I agree with you, Tammy is only looking out for her self and doesn’t care about her Amy and her family’s feelings, she’s being manipulative with all of her family playing the victim and acting like a 5 year old child, Amy needs to put her foot down move away to the place she fell in love with and care for her son and herself and be happy, I know she loves her sister and it’s hard but I believe once Tammy see’s that Amy ain’t going for it any more, things will change.

      1. I agree that Tammy is acting like a little kid. Throwing a temper tantrum cuz she’s not getting her way. Amy needs to let Tammy do for herself. Amy needs to move out and work on herself and her family. Nothing has been said about Amy’s weight loss and if she’s even working on her own weight. You can still be there for Tammy but not right next door. Amy needs to put herself and her family first and it might put a fire under Tammy’s ass. Once she sees she can’t throw a tantrum and get away with it might just help her. If it was me and my sister acted like that I would have gone off on her. But that’s me. I know she loves her but how much can one person take. I want to see Amy and Chris lose more weight.

  10. Tammy is becoming over the top and out of control and her sister needs to go home to her husband and son period. Of course these types of shows encourage this kind of behavior for ratings as we all know. Tammy is a grown ass woman who needs to take the bull by the horns and take care of herself. She’s stuffing her face with food and no one can stop her from eating herself to an early grave only she can change her addiction and stop expecting others to take care of her, I know I wouldn’t do it…

  11. Amy won’t do that because, although the show started out being about both of them, it is now about Tammy. Without her, there’s no show, no drama. It’s sad on many levels. Yes, Tammy doesn’t want to take responsibility for herself. But on the other hand, they need her to stay this way. Very sad she is being used. I don’t know. Maybe give them each their own show. Lol

  12. Amy is enabling Tammy. She keeps giving into her. Amy needs to let Tammy hit rock bottom and don’t do nothing for her. Tammy more or less gave up and you can’t make someone do the things that you want them to do. Amy let Tammy be if you and Chris keep helping her she’s going to expect that. Y’all are only making matters worse.

  13. Dysfunction at its best! Family dynamics are hard. When you’re in dysfunction, and that’s what you’re used to, you stay there until you know better! Amy and Tammy are addicted to each other and the sickness that goes along with it. Until Amy is ready to realize that she needs to put herself and family first and stop the madness, she will continue to live in the problem. We’re human! It takes time to leave dysfunction, especially when you have lived in chaos for most of your life! But if Amy is not willing to make a change and get away from her abusive sister, nothing will change.

  14. I do not see it as Amy being jealous. I see it as Amy being concerned as to wether the nurse is helping Tammy to be independent (getting up, cooking for herself, cleaning for herself, being mobile and active, etc.). Tammy is never going to change until she is forced to grow up and take responsibility and care for herself. It appears to me that she enjoys being in her addiction thus far and does not truly desire to change. She has to WANT it.

  15. Tammy, you are not trying to lose weight. The fact that you would pick up a stranger online and swear 4 days later that you are in love shows how screwed up your thinking is. You should go back to rehab and concentrate on your real issue your weight. Everyone knows you are not trying to lose weight at home. Stop picking up those fat fetish guy, no one can love you until you love yourself.

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