‘My 600-Lb. Life’ Season 10: Meet Lacey Buckingham

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My 600-Lb. Life Season 10, Episode 5 introduces viewers to a 36-year-old woman from Washington named Lacey Buckingham. Who is Lacey Buckingham? What do we really know about her?

Warning: Article contains spoilers from My 600-Lb. Life Season 10, Episode 5 “Lacey B’s Story”

My 600-Lb. Life Season 10: Meet Lacey Buckingham

Lacey Buckingham admits to the camera she’s found comfort in food for as long as she could remember. She admitted that she found more pleasure in food than she did in being intimate with someone. Turns out, Lacey has also gone through life believing she was a mistake. Lacey Buckingham reveals she was an IUD baby. She was a surprise. An accident. She wasn’t supposed to happen. Unfortunately, this caused her to grow up thinking her mother didn’t really want her.

My 600 Lb Life - Lacey - Buckingham
My 600 Lb Life – Lacey – Buckingham

Lacey Buckingham described her sister as beautiful and skinny. She admitted her brother was the favorite child. And, she just didn’t fit in. Sometimes, she admits she didn’t even think she should be a part of the family.

Things got really bad for Lacey when she was raped in the third grade. Lacey made the difficult decision not to tell anyone because she didn’t think they would believe her. Later in life, when she had menstrual issues, she finally fessed up to what happened to her in the third grade. Unfortunately, her mother didn’t believe her… Which only made things worse.

College Was An Escape For Lacey

Lacey Buckingham embraced getting away from her parents after her mother didn’t believe her when she revealed she was raped as a child. Unfortunately, college was also a gateway to binge eating. Without her parents in the way, she was free to eat whatever she wanted. She admitted that she ate her way through college and weighed over 500 pounds by the time she was done.

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Lacey Buckingham Discovered Feederism

After college, she stepped into a customer service position to support herself without the help of her parents. Unfortunately, the position was too physically demanding for someone her size. This was when she discovered feederism. She explained it was a bit of a fetish situation. It was a community of men who would take care of her. In exchange, she just had to stuff herself with food on camera and in photos. She admits that she was in a few different feeder relationships over the years.

Lacey Buckingham noted it had been years since she had been in a relationship with a feeder. She was also quick to reassure the camera that she was very open about her condition and everything she could and couldn’t do when she met Ricky. But, he was nothing like the feeder relationships she had been in previously.

From what viewers go to see, Ricky seemed to be a very sweet and helpful man that was smitten with Lacey Buckingham. He was happy to take care of her and wanted the best for her. Like she insisted, he did not seem to be with her because he had a fetish with her size or eating habits.

My 600 Lb Life Lacey Buckingham

Where Is Lacey Buckingham Now?

As we previously reported, Lacey Buckingham does not appear to have made the move to Texas. She did end the episode saying it wasn’t in the cards because she had no one to help her make it happen and she just couldn’t do it alone. Lacey seems to be enjoying life and she’s posted on Facebook about not waiting for life to get better. While her photos on Facebook ooze confidence, they do not suggest she’s made much progress with her weight loss.

Moreover, she also seems to be struggling financially as she just posted about being at risk of being homeless four weeks ago. Her friends and family, however, reassured her they would never let that happen.

What did you think when you met Lacey Buckingham? Were you hoping she would thrive in Dr. Now’s program? Or, did you think she would have a hard time with her weight loss progress? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on this TLC personality.

‘My 600-Lb. Life’ Lacey Buckingham 2021 Update: Where Is She Now?

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