‘My 600-Lb. Life’ Lacey Buckingham 2021 Update: Where Is She Now?

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After watching tonight’s episode of My 600-Lb. Life, viewers are desperate for a 2021 update on Lacey Buckingham. Where is she now? Did she move to Houston? Is she part of Dr. Now’s weight loss program?

Fortunately, Lacey Buckingham is pretty active on a few different social media profiles. So, it wasn’t too hard to track down a 2021 update on her weight loss progress and where she is now.

My 600 Lb Life Lacey buckingham

Warning: Article contains spoilers from My 600-Lb. Life Season 10, Episode 5 “Lacey B’s Story”

Lacey’s Episode Didn’t End On A Happy Note

“Depressing” is the word a lot of TLC viewers will use to describe Lacey Buckingham’s episode of My 600-Lb. Life. By the end of the episode, she was very nearly homeless, no longer engaged, single, and without most of her possessions. She was abandoned in Texas. And, she barely lost any weight in seven months.

Speaking to the camera, Dr. Now admitted that he had little faith in Lacey and he seemed afraid for her. He explained that Lacey had far too many excuses on why she couldn’t get her life together to lose weight. And, she just wasn’t ready for his program.

Lacey Buckingham - My 600 Lb Life

Lacey did manage to make it back home to Washington by the end of her episode. And, thanks to her church, she did not lose all of her possessions. But, tonight’s episode was definitely not a happy one.

My 600-Lb. Life Lacey Buckingham 2021 Update: Where Is She Now?

After an episode of My 600-Lb. Life airs, viewers turn to social media to find a 2021 update on cast members such as Lacey Buckingham. Where is she now? What is she doing? Fortunately, Lacey is pretty active on Facebook. This even included posting a full-body photo less than two months ago. While Lacey looks happy and appears to be oozing confidence in the photo on her profile… It does not appear as if she’s made much progress in her weight loss journey.

My 600 Lb Life - Lacey Buckingham

Four weeks ago, Lacey also took to Facebook with a desperate plea. She explained that her rent was about to go up several hundred dollars. And, there was no way she could afford the price hike. She informed her Facebook friends and family she was about to be homeless once again.

As she revealed in the episode, her comments on this post also confirmed Lacey has a lot of people who love and support her. Many of her friends and family quickly chimed in to support her. They told her there was no way they would allow her to be homeless. Four weeks have passed and she seems to be happier. She hasn’t mentioned being homeless again. The last time she posted a photo of herself was in October.

My 600 Lb Life - Lacey Buckingham Facerbook

Are you surprised by this My 600-Lb. Life 2021 update on Lacey Buckingham and where she is now? Do you think she will ever participate in Dr. Now’s weight loss program? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on this TLC series.

Tune in to watch My 600-Lb. Life Season 10, Episode 5 titled “Lacey B’s Story” tonight only on TLC. New episodes of My 600-Lb. Life are available for streaming the same day they air on Discovery+. Older episodes of the TLC series can also be streamed via Discovery+.

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  1. Lacey may not have made progress but that’s no excuse for Ricky and Sharon’s cruel and psychotic behavior! Sharon is a loudmouth, cruel, crude and immature monster. Ricky is weak and subject to whatever his horrible sister wants and tells him. They’re both not good for Lacey and she is better off without them in her life. They really need to take a hard look at themselves. I hope Lacey succeeds at her goals and finds happiness. God bless her for trying to change her life in a positive way, it’s not easy to do.

    1. Yes, I agree. Sharon has a lot of nerve criticizing Lacey, Sharon is overweight herself and she also SMOKES!

      Sharon kicking Lacey out of the car and “donating” her possessions were pure evil. I believe Sharon is on drugs—her responses are past being psychotic. I feel sorry for Ricky, I think he is greatly influenced by Sharon–Ricky should have stuck with Lacey. Sharon probably wanted to keep getting Ricky’s Disability check.

      Lacey was right to call the Police, I wouldn’t have been surprised if Sharon didn’t physically attack Lacey; and Ricky would have been powerless to stop it. Sharon’s behavior was cruel and inhumane.

      1. I felt so profoundly sorry for Lacey that was insane. I hope she never gets back with Ricky cuz Sharon is an awful person and I was shocked by all of it.

      2. Omg Yes I Agree With You All The Way, I Was Thinking The Same And Yes Sharon Don’t Want Her Brother Go Because All She Wants Is His Disability Check, and that is so pathetic The Way She Did To Lacey Abandon Her In The Middle Of No Were And Donating her Belongings, I Did Cry When I Seen This Episode, They Are Sooo Cruel 😢

        1. They were definitely cruel for leaving her stranded.. I understand being angry with her for lying but what they did was terrible. But I don’t think Ricky is all there mentally.. The sister was incredibly harsh and what she did was so uncalled for. They should have at least taken her to Houston.

          1. I knew from the beginning looking at Lacey she was going to fail , she seems unmotivated I liked Ricky he had a good heart and supported Lacey from the beginning. Ricky made a mistake by marrying her in only a month of dating, Sharon was speaking Truth she was harsh but the truth hurts. Sharon drove 5 days to Houston plus 5 days back many people wouldn’t do that especially only knowing that person a month. I didn’t agree with them leaving her out there , but they did come back and offer to take her to Houston and she said no and left her items with them . Lacey lied to Ricky and seems to take advantage of the kindness of people . The biggest issue I have are the producers and camera crew not doing anything to help her even know lazy shouldn’t move down there when the Doctor told her not to until she lose the weight, but the crew could have easily helped her .

      3. I fully agree with every word of your post! Sharon is selfish, self-centered and an absolutely hateful human being. She has severe mental health issues, and a drug habit probably funded with Ricky’s SSI check. Although Ricky seems mentally and emotionally immature, he and Lacey seemed to be happy. Lacey was kind and loving towards him, which is nothing he receives from his sister.

        There have been episodes illustrating the dysfunctional lifestyle of many of Dr Now’s clients, but none more destructive than Sharon and Ricky leaving Lacey stranded at a gas station in Texas and then giving away her personal belongings. What goes around comes around 10 fold, always! Look out Sharon;)

      4. I must be watching an rerun of this Lacey B journey and I had to change the challenge. I don’t feel sorry for her at all. She lost 15 lbs when she was suppose to lose 50lbs. And she eats less pizza. Face it girl, you keep eating like that and you will always weigh over 500lbs. Good luck and take a look in the mirror.

        1. I agree, I do not feel sorry for Lacey either. You try driving for 5 days by yourself only to find out Lacey, only lost 16 freaking pounds.

          I’m glad the sister stuck up for her brother, I would have done the same thing. His sister was helping Lacey. She had a car and a roof over her head. The only reason Lacey is losing weight now is because she doesn’t have her ex to feed her and she doesn’t have a choice but to get off her butt if she wants to eat and have a roof over her head.

        2. I could not agree more! I dont feel sorry for Lacey one little bit! She is lazy and expects everyone to do everything for her. She didnt love Ricky, she loved Ricky doing everything for her lazy ass. The best is when she is sitting on the couch watching everyone clean out her apartment! Maybe if she didnt rely on everyone to do everything for her, things would be different.

    2. This is the saddest episode of the show I have ever seen..the whole show was full of beeps..mean hateful people to this girl..

    3. I feel like Sharon did alot for the camera, but she made valid points that Lacey failed to answer. Lacey is lazy, and is not willing to be honest with herself so she can change. Sharon and Ricky are each other’s enablers and their relationship is very one sided. I feel bad for Ricky being manipulated by his sister and Lacey. Lacey does not deserve Dr. Now’s help.

    4. Regardless of who did what…which I think she was treated horribly…why would the producers sit back and allow this to happen? Why would they not take the trailer and help her? To me they are also accountable.

      1. They can’t. In productions like this the crew is contractually obligated to allow situations to occur as they are going to occur and not interfere. That is the purpose of documentary TV. That’s the same as asking why documentarians who are chronicling people dying of drug overdoses don’t snatch the drugs out of their hands, or feed starving children rather than taking pictures of them, or gather up homeless people and put them up in hotels. That is not their job. It’s not only against the purpose of the project, but it can open them up to liability. Watch the episode when one of the patients passes out in a hotel hallway. They call for help and shout for a medic, but they do not touch her. They can’t. They are not accountable and they are not responsible. This is the situation that Lacey got herself into and it’s her fault. The don’t need to do anything for her.

    5. Lacey is. A BIG FAT LYING CONWOMAN. She couldn’t keep her lies straight. Dr told her not to move there until she lost the weight but NOO she was to get an apartment in Ricky name and Uhaul in Sharon’s name. Why is Sharon bad who else will drive her clear across country

  2. I don’t think she ever will unfortunately as Dr Now said she’s got to many excuses and doesn’t take accountability for what she is eating even though she’s not supposed to be eating the things she is.

  3. What happened to her friend that was going to move in with her? Seems like she’s using any financial help she receives, to keep eating and not worrying about a roof over her head. Looks like she’s still up to her tricks of using people. Just saying!!

      1. Yes, I think the kindest way I could describe Lacey is ‘self deceiving’. There always seems to be a proportion of participants on the show who are like this, but Lacey is particularly so. When she said, ‘I definitely eat less pizza than I used to’, in the run up to trying to move to Houston without having lost much weight, my jaw dropped.

      1. The only one I felt sad for was Ricky. His sister has been grooming him his whole life so of course he was going to do what she said. For him to go from being madly in love to I’m leaving you on the side of the road proves it. Sharon has some major emotional issues that she needs to get some inpatient help with and Lacey is no better. She is the definition of-use somebody as much as you can until you get caught. And what better way to do that by befriending the Church.

    1. Seriously???????? NOONE should be subject to that abuse and sharon should be brought up on chargers, civil for sure!

  4. I too, watched this heart breaking episode of Lacey and Ricky. I think losing a wonderful guy like Ricky, would have jump started me on the bandwagon to lose weight. What does Lacey see when she looks in the mirror? Wishing Lacey and Ricky the best . Unfortunately for Lacey, Ricky made the wisest decision to move on without her. God bless.

    1. This is my favorite episode of this series. Lacey is and always will be lazy, manipulative and take advantage of anyone. No one asks how come not one of her family members helps her or even comes to check on her?! She was using Ricky, he took care of EVERYTHING even wiping her after she went to the bathroom. All she did was boss him around and yell at him! Ricky is a people pleaser and easily taking advantage of. Don’t forget when the episode ended she was going to get a place with someone else. But she still ended up about homeless. Do not paint lacey as a sob story, it’s obvious she takes advantage till the person gets tired of her and then that bridge is burned. Then she finds another person to be a parasite with. Sharon was rough but she was in her right protecting her brother. He was left in her care for a reason. Don’t forget whenever Ricky called Sharon she went straight to him and handled it. She drove cross country back and forth for her brother. She is his gate keeper and when she sees him getting taken for a ride she goes in and puts a stop to it. The problem is most people don’t like lacey was called out the way she was. Remember she lied to them more than once and was still scheming to avoid the dr. Now appt as they were heading to it. So ease up on Sharon and Remember lacey is a manipulator.

        1. Wow! How can you think that Sharon was ever justified by her actions. She is a horrible human. No one deserves what she dished out.

      1. Yes, and Lacey was strangely calm when she called the police by the side of the road. She didn’t seem heartbroken or frightened. She could’ve been in shock but there was just something strange about it all.

  5. This was the most disturbing episode of My 600 Lb. Life I’ve ever seen. That sister-in-law was emotionally abusive and only someone with extremely low self-esteem would allow herself to be treated that way. It was very hard to watch. The sister is controlling and manipulative and frankly possessive and jealous. I suspect she will do anything to sabotage anyone who comes into her brother’s life. It’s pretty sad because it was clear that they did have a relationship that worked for both of them until the sister threw an emotional monkey wrench into the works. I feel sorry for Lacey but also for her ex-boyfriend because likely he will never get out from under his sister’s control.

    1. I totally agree! I’ve watched all the episodes of this show through the years and that’s exactly how I would describe this episode. Extremely disturbing. I probably had my mouth open some of the time through this whole show. You do not treat people like that! I just couldn’t believe how horrible Sharon was! Karma has a way of coming back to you!!

  6. It was a disturbing episode! It made me cringe every time Sharon talked….I mean screamed, I realize we only want to protect our loved ones but doing it with more compassion and love will get more results, instead of yelling, screaming and every other word being bleeped because this reaction will usually cause people to feel intimidated and feared by them and the last thing they want to do is agree with you from that point much less talk more about it. Sharon mentioned that she was her brother’s Guardian and this only means because he has an intellectual disability along with his seizure disorder. One of the many roles of a Guardian is to also help him or her make positive decisions in their life with their input not with their family member yelling at them telling them what they think is right, but of course we don’t know the full story and I’m sure Lacey and Ricky had their issues, but they obviously loved each other and it didn’t appear to make any difference to Ricky. Sharon was being just as abusive to her brother as she claimed Lacey was. Also, after watching this show for many years VERY FEW of the people have success in the very beginning and it takes months before they start loosing weight.

    I was in the field of dealing with people with Special Needs for many years and one of the things we always agreed on when dealing with the family of the person was “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” because I think Sharon either had a intellectual or mental disability herself or she needed to go take another hit off of her joint or get her meds adjusted for her bipolar disorder…..just an observation, the anger was overwhelming it stemming from some place dark.

    But with all that being said, believe it or not, I do wish well for ALL of them.

  7. I could not believe the screaming and cursing coming out of Sharon’s mouth! Poor Lacey. Most of the time, she just sat there and didn’t say anything. No one can talk over Sharon. And Ricky isn’t responsible…he has his own set of challenges. But I think he and Lacey would’ve made it, if not for that awful, bullying, mean sister. And she did not have to dump Lacey’s belongings. I wouldn’t treat a dog like that. That was cruel.

    1. You’re right about one thing — she did not have to dump Lacey’s belongings. And that is only because LACEY SHOULD HAVE TAKEN THEM. They came back and offered her a ride to Houston and help with her things. SHE REFUSED. They are not responsible for transporting her belongings all over hell and back. They told her what they were going to do and she did nothing. What happened to her was 100% on Lacey.

  8. Regardless of any condition a person is in, what Sharon was doing is a form of verbal abuse and mental abuse. I mean why get on TV and act like that? If she didn’t want to help she didn’t have to be there. Lacy just sat there and took that because she was in a desperate situation and wanted to keep Ricky as well. Sharon just kept going and going and Ricky did not say anything to defend Lacy. When he got with her he know how big she is, so clearly he was willing to be there for her, even though it was hard that is his women and his choice so who is Sharon to belittle him for being with her? He allowed his sister to influence him to take back the ring, break up with her, and leave her in Texas during her time of need the most which is not right. He could have seen to it her at least getting there then left the day after. And Sharon is one to keep calling someone fat. she is big herself and is a nasty, mean spirted people that enjoys continuously coming down on people that may not let her ass have it back! Most disturbing epoxide I’ve seen. Lacy has to loose weight and take her journey seriously, no one can make her but her so good luck to her!

    1. Wow! Those three all seem to have their own sets of issues.

      Lacey needs to stop with the excuses and get with the program…literally. Maybe someone from her family or someone with basic knowledge can step in and teach her daily skills; proper hygiene, cleaning,etc. It might be helpful if Dr. now could connect her with a nutritionist in her area that can show her the correct foods and preparation from Dr Now’s program…it seemed like she just had a blank stare when he explained things.

      Sharon seems unstable at best and if she acted like that while filming, imagine her behavior while the cameras/crew weren’t around. Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

      Ricky dodged a bullet by breaking off things with Lacey. I think he has more going on than just a seizure disorder. He needs to find someone on his level who will love him and doesn’t take advantage.

  9. Regardless of any condition a person is in, what Sharon was doing is a form of verbal abuse and mental abuse. I mean why get on TV and act like that? If she didn’t want to help she didn’t have to be there. Lacy just sat there and took that because she was in a desperate situation and wanted to keep Ricky as well. Sharon just kept going and going and Ricky did not say anything to defend Lacy. When he got with her he knew how big she was, so clearly he was willing to be there for her, even though it was hard. She was his women and that was his choice so who is Sharon to belittle him for being with her? He allowed his sister to influence him to take back the ring, break up with her, and leave her in Texas during her time of need the most which is not right. He could have seen to it she got there with her things, then left. And Sharon is one to keep calling someone fat. She is big herself and is a nasty, mean spirted person that enjoys continuously coming down on people that may not stand up for themselves and let her have it! Most disturbing episode I’ve seen and I wish Lacy luck on her journey; she just have to take it more seriously.

  10. As mentioned in the other comments, this was the most disturbing, outrageous episode I have EVER seen of this show. Sharon is disgusting, mean and ugly on the inside. I was appalled at her abusive, awful, behavior. I cannot understand how someone can treat another human being that way. Lacy needed support and kindness, but instead was abused. To make it worse, her fiance did not stick up for her. I could hardly watch as Sharon and her x-fiance left her at a gas station with only a few possessions. It made me sick. All I wanted to do was hug her and show her kindness. I pray God comforts Lacy and gives her the strength to care for and love herself in the best, most healthy way possible. I’m grateful she has a caring church family she can turn to.

      1. He was controlled by his girlfriend. He had to ask his sister to take her to Texas twice.

        The only time she moved was when they were going to get food from the store.

        Lacey should have been the one to ask his sister. To take her to Texas, since she was the one that needed the ride.

  11. It’s not the popular opinion but I agree with Sharon. Maybe she shouldn’t have said all of that on national tv but someone has to say it. Lacey tried to manipulate Ricky into taking care of her and his sister caught on before he made one of the biggest mistakes of his life! Hopefully she’ll (Lacey) see this episode herself and realize how disgusting she’s been and want to change for the better

    1. I could not agree more! I know its not the popular opinion but, i agree with Sharon. Lacey sat on her ass while Ricky waited on her hand and foot. Lacey sat on her ass while all her friends including Ricky and Sharon cleaned out her apartment! Lacey is a disgusting human being. All Lacey kept saying was she couldnt be in the program cause she had no one to help her move, etc. She didnt need anyone to get to almost 600 pounds so, she shouldnt need anyone to fix the situation. I also agree with Sharon that Lacey was not trying to lose weight. Lacey did nothing but, gorge herself the whole episode! If she wasnt shoving her face with food and then licking her disgusting fingers, then she was talking about shoving her face! Does anyone know for a fact that Sharon gets Ricky’s disability? No! Ricky and Sharons mom asked Sharon to take Ricky and Lacey to Texas because Ricky has seizures. So, it sounds like Ricky’s mom gets the disability and Sharon was just being a good sister protecting her brother.

  12. This was a very disturbing episode. What most upsetting to me was the abuse from the sister. Apparently she is use to being in control of her brother and with Lacey in the picture,she lost control of him and probably guardianship over his disability check.She need help herself.She was absolutely cruel and heartless to this woman.She better hop and pray that God keep her in good health, so someone don’t have to wipe her bottom one day,and it might be Lacey. I’m just saying.

  13. It was really disturbing to watch this episode. There is a special place in hell for people like Sharon. Lacey seems like a person with little or no support from her own family. It seemed to me that Sharon really attacked a vulnurable woman. It was just hateful with the language coming out her mouth. Then to just dump her belongings is criminal. I think Ricky is mentally handicapped and has been beaten down by Sharon to the point that he can be easily manipulated.

    I hope she finds someone else and doesnt go back into that family dynamic. I won’t even say on here what I hope happens to Sharon. She is just an evil bitter woman.

  14. Sharon is just nasty, rude, ugly, and fat herself. I was beyond repulsed by how she treated Lacey. She has no room to speak when she looks 2 pipe hits away from being a crackhead. No human should be treated that way. Ricky is unable to do anything about his sister’s behavior. Like a potato on the counter- he’s just there- incapable of doing anything but be controlled unfortunately. I do agree with a lot of what Sharon said but I strongly disagree with the delivery of her message and was beyond angry, smh. Hopefully Lacey will stop making excuses and eventually lose weight.

  15. They all needed to be separated from each other. Lacey is manipulative, Ricky is co-dependent, and the sister is a controlling narcissist who needs everything to be about her.

  16. Sharon would have a lot more credibility if she cleaned up her potty mouth. When someone can’t speak an entire sentence without words being bleeped out I shut down.

  17. Lacey made choices. Whether you agree with Sharon or not Lacey chose to have Sharon take her to Texas. She could have taken a plane, she could have asked her own family to take her, or one of her church friends. If Ricky and Sharon were a package deal then Rickey would have had to stay.
    Sharon drove that entire distance in her 20 year old car. Lacy couldn’t even pay for a rental. Lacey is just selfish and childish.
    Heck, she sat down and watched people move all of her stuff. She didn’t lift a finger to help.

  18. Lacey made no serious attempt to get a handle on her overeating because her eating problem is in her head — not in the kitchen — which she refused to address. She latched onto Ricky who became her chief enabler and a..wiper. Shannon is not the villain here — being brutally frank is not a crime! She saved her brother from being used for his check by the real villain. Saving my sympathy for someone more deserving — not wasting it on a user.

  19. All you Lacey fans that are commenting on how she is the victim in this situation need to rewatch the episode Lacey is a user a manipulator and a scammer she took Ricky‘s true affections and work them against him luckily Sharon called her out on her bull crap or else her brother would’ve been in for a long ride. She slipped up and said that Ricky surprised her with an engagement ring and she then surprised him with an engagement ring (hint). She then got caught in a lie on why she missed the first appointment because she couldn’t afford a airline ticket! Sharon called her out and she didn’t have any answers. Who moves to Houston before they are accepted to the program she wanted to get Ricky away from his family but what she didn’t realize is that Sharon has power of attorney over Ricky and she wouldn’t be able to control his funds. So you Lacey fans can stop Enabling her and really try and help her.

  20. I some what agree with what was said about Lacey trying to control him. But I DO NOT AGREE WITH SHARON TREATING HER THAT WAY! You get more bees with honey. The way she talked too her and about her was utterly ridiculous! Like Sharon you 2 French fries away from needing Dr.Nows help as well! Your sloppy, obese and def a rock away from Crack mountain! Ricky needs to grow some nuts and start sticking up for the person he’s in love with! My mouth was opened the whole episode! Couldn’t have been ME!!!!! LAWDDDD 12 would’ve been escorting me away in cuffs from bucking on Sharon! And that’s ah fuh show ya right on!!!!! PERIODT!

  21. Wow. I’ve never bothered with a “where are they now” check in on any of the “cast members” before, but wanted to know what happened to Lacey B. I’ve never said “what a bitch” so much in my life, regarding Sharon. Sharon reminded me of my abusive mother…definitely had some flashbacks there. I understand that Lacey has her issues and is manipulative & quite lazy, but no-one deserves to be screamed at like that. Lacey didn’t really try to lose the weight, but expected Ricky to take care of everything. But Sharon’s mouth just ticked me off…that screaming & cursing was just too much. She really is a bit psycho. It’s a shame Lacey doesn’t work hard to lose the weight & show them both she was serious.
    I hope everything turns out alright for ALL of them.

  22. I haven’t read the comments and do not intend to. I am a little behind on episodes and I have to say that I’ve watched two this week that disturbed me. This one here top level disturbed me. My opinion and my thoughts following. Don’t come after me because I’ll take it next level. I say again, MY OPINIONS.

    1. Sharon is a bi-polar schizophrenic feeder who is 100% using her brother’s disability to survive on. I’m sure she gets her own check as a “care-giver” and whatever other programs are out there for the disabled in that state. She was in fear of losing that gravy. Prove me wrong. Ricky…wow, another exploited TLC victim. His mind is weak and his sister controls him like a robot. He knows no better and will do what that smoke-a-holic jackass says. She could talk him in to jumping off a bridge.
    2. TLC- unbelievable that they would allow a client to be dropped off like some stray dog thousands of miles from home with no hope in sight. I don’t know if that was all scripted for TV but that was shocking to say the least. The woman’s life possessions were just donated to a charity? Come on TLC. You gotta be kidding me. Scripting a show is one thing but exploiting a human life like this and allowing someone with basically no hope whatsoever to be dumped is below basic human decency. Appalled by this.

    1. As someone who works in the TV business, I can tell you that there was probably one poor cameraman who had to accompany the group on their journey together, sitting there in the hot car with them with 2 cameras. I’m sure TLC and the poor camera guy never expected that and probably had no idea what to do at that time.

  23. This episode made me cry they did Lacey so wrong and I pray she lose the weight and get her surgery they will reap what they sow for doing that to Lacey

  24. I’m conflicted… there are many red flags here and not enough information on why Sharon reacted the way she did. How many times did Lacey lie to them? Why doesn’t Lacey have ANY family or friends there for her? Why did she mention “power of attorney” while talking with the police? What Sharon did seems to be an accumulation of emotions that finally blew up. No one just freaks out on someone and leaves them stranded for no reason, there has to be more that wasn’t on camera. That doesn’t make Sharon’s ugly words or actions acceptable, because it’s not. However I think it’s important to remember exactly what’s going on:
    1. Lacey had Sharon drive her across the damn country twice and only lost 16 pounds, she wasn’t even accepted into the program and decided to just go anyway.
    2. They couldn’t get to Houston on time because they had to stop a ridiculous amount of times for Lacey because she shit herself and just HAD to eat shitty food
    3. Lacey and Ricky have been together A MONTH. And yet she’s asking him to leave his whole family and everything he knows to take care of her. As a sister, I would have been very skeptical too.
    4. “Power of attorney” I’m assuming has to do with disability money. Lacey could have been using Ricky for that and I’m thinking that’s what Sharon is saying.
    5. Sharon mentioned she had all that money to shop with and didn’t get a plane ticket. So it sounds like Sharon is the one footing the bill for the gas and uhaul, of course she’d be pissed hearing that Lacey hasn’t even lost 20 pounds and she’s rearranged her life just to help her.
    6. Where did Michelle go at the end of the episode? Why is there yet another “friend” moving with her? Seems strange, did she burn her bridge with Michelle within that short time? How does she keep this revolving door of roommates?

    These are just my opinions but I really think that lacey is trying really hard to play like she is a victim here but there are red flags everywhere. There’s no doubt that leaving her stranded and donating her stuff is a horrible thing but we really need to consider what would have drove someone to do it. Mind you, Sharon and Ricky both are on TV, the whole world is seeing these 3 act like this. To do that would mean something serious prob went down and Lacey is not being honest. Lots of jump cuts during that argument, I wonder what they took out?

  25. Lacey used EVERYONE. Good on Sharon for ending this disaster. I don’t agree with how Sharon handled things, but I agree with the end result.

    People Lacey used: Ricky for daily help, Sharon for driving, multiple churches, her “friend” for housing, the hospital as a potential hotel when she had nothing wrong with her, the police to carry her stuff, various scheduling accommodations from Dr Now… literally everyone…

    She will never lose weight and she will die from her addiction. Until she stops using people, she has no reason to lose the weight. Everyone (including the government) is enabling her. She is despicable but people see her as a helpless disabled woman who speaks softly. No. She is a scheming manipulator and addict.

    1. Couldn’t agree more, I am surprised that Sharon agreed to move Lacey to Texas after seeing her 0 commitment after 1st trip, I think Lacey lied to her that she qualified for op and then by mistake she revealed the truth about missing visit, what made Sharon crazy. Remember we do not see all whats said and done. And this cold call to police shows how manipulative Lacey is, she exaggerated the threats to police, she lied to paramedics just to get what she needs. Sharon’s biggest mistake was that she allowed her disabled brother to get that far in this sick relationship to even consider moving to Texas, but if you have a soft heart you better have a hard ass. And yes, Sharon is obese as well but she is not using others to wipe her ass or drive her around and she takes responibility for her and others. Sorry to say that but most of the people on the show are fat, less than 20% of adults in US have proper weight and average size for woman is 16 so Sharon is not an exception here.

      Lacey is comfortable as she is, she shits her pants in the car and is not even ashamed but I had a feeling like she was blaming Sharon for not stopping the car immediately. After seeing lots of episodes of my600lb life I can quite guess after 1st 5 mins if the person will succeed or not and Lacey is like James K or Sean M – excuses, blaming everyone around, zero responisbility for their choices, minor engagement but high expectations for support from others. At the beginning of each episode there is a reminder that chances for a long term success are only 5%, people like Lacey are in 95% unfortunately.

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