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‘Men Tell All’ Spoilers: Tayshia Adams Dishes On Split From Zac Clark

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The Men Tell All with hosts Tayshia Adams and Kaitlyn Bristowe is on the way. Michelle has made it to her hometowns and three men are remaining. Brandon Jones,  Joe Coleman, and Nayte Olukoya. Fans got to meet their families and learn about Michelle a little bit more as her journey comes to a close. Rodney Matthews went home in the latest episode. Fans loved that he showed up as an apple for the teacher, Michelle.

Rodney being eliminated upset several fans rooting for the sweet man. Zachary Reality said, “not one person with a clear head thought Rodney was winning.”

Zachary Reality spilled some tea about who will cause drama on the Men Tell All. He also shared some other juicy details about the information that will be discussed on the show. Do not read on unless you want spoilers for the Men Tell All.

What Will Tayshia Adams Reveal?

Zachary Reality on TikTok is beside himself with the news that Tayshia Adams will be talking about the breakup with her winner Zac Clark. He’s covered the breakup and some of the rumors surrounding it. The show was taped two weeks ago and Zachary is wondering, “what Tayshia is going to say!”

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He thinks this revelation explains why Tayshia has been so quiet on social media. He also revealed that along with Tayshia Adams’ tea, Peter Izzo and Will Urena will get into it again.

Usually very active on social media, Tayshia has been quiet. Her last post on Instagram is of the marathon she completed with Zac.

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Fans Had A Lot To Say About It

Tayshia Adams speaking out got a large reaction from Zachary’s followers. One fan said, “Michelle’s season is so dry that they need to bring a previous Bachelorette to discuss her breakup. So disappointed!”

Zachary reminded her since she’s one of the hosts, they can’t really ignore that it happened. One fan said, “I hope we get some good tea, not just ‘he wasn’t my person.'”

Other fans think it’s important for Tayshia to talk about it since she is hosting a show about finding true love. Since it seems she didn’t, it’s justified for her to let fans know what happened. There’s still a week before fans will truly know what happens and until then, they’ll just speculate.

The Men Tell All will air on December 6th and is sure to be full of drama and fun like always. How do you feel about the final three and Tayshia taking away some of the spotlight for the night? Do you think she should share what happened on Michelle’s night? Read more about their breakup here. Comment with your thoughts below.

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