Isabel Roloff Breaks Her Silence On Social Media

Isabel Roloff, Instagram

Isabel Roloff has had Little People, Big World fans worrying about her since last week, but now, she has finally broken her silence. As fans know, Isabel is pregnant with her first child with Jacob Roloff. They are expecting a son in December. On social media, she has shared plenty of updates about her pregnancy.

Last week, Isabel shared a couple of posts on her Instagram stories. She revealed that she was “going through a lot” as her due date approached. In another post, she asked fans for prayers and said she had an appointment soon and would get answers then.

However, after posting that on Tuesday, November 23, she never shared another update on social media. Fans wondered what could be going on and hoped everything was okay with Isabel and the baby. Some speculated she might have needed a C-section or that she was just enjoying some time with the baby and her husband while she recovered. But we don’t actually know what happened yet.

LPBW Isabel Roloff
Instagram Isabel Roloff

Isabel Roloff finally surfaces on social media.

After being offline for about a week, Isabel finally surfaced. She ended up commenting on her sister-in-law Tori Roloff’s recent post. As we reported, Tori revealed that her four-year-old son, Jackson, had surgery to correct his bowed legs. This was hard on Tori, but she is so proud of how well Jackson did.

In the comments section of Tori’s Instagram post, Isabel chimed in. She wrote, “Love you buddy, you’re one tough cookie” with a heart emoji.

This is the first time we’ve seen Isabel online since she asked for prayers over a week ago.

Unfortunately, Isabel’s comment on Instagram doesn’t give any additional details about her pregnancy and how everything is going. So, we don’t know why she was asking for prayers or what was going on last week. It’s unclear if she’s still pregnant or if the baby is here.

Maybe now that Isabel has posted a comment on social media, she will share another update soon. She could also be taking a social media break, but fans are still worried about her and the baby after her urgent prayer request last week. So, they hope to hear something soon.

Tori Roloff Instagram, Isabel Roloff Instagram
Tori Roloff Instagram, Isabel Roloff Instagram

So, are you surprised that Isabel Roloff has finally broken her silence? When do you think we will hear anything about her baby boy? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below. For more news about the Roloff family, come back to TV Shows Ace.

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  1. I read in another article where Matt mentioned grandson Liam?!?!
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