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Fans Rallying To Boycott ‘The Bachelor’ Clayton Echard

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While it seems the new lead for the 2022 season of The Bachelor has grown on some people. There are some fans of The Bachelor who are rallying to boycott Clayton Echard’s season of the show. What is making some bitter about having Clayton try to find love after Michelle Young sent him home? Keep reading to find out more.

Some fans want to boycott The Bachelor Clayton Echard

Heavy shared what some fans are thinking in regards to Clayton Echard becoming the new Bachelor. Fans knew through the grapevine that Clayton Echard was named as the new lead. However, ABC didn’t announce him officially until a preview aired during Michelle Young’s hometown date episode of The Bachelorette. Now, everyone officially knowsABC also released a promo pic featuring Clayton with puppies. The caption said, “Everyone loves an underdog.” He even appeared on Good Morning America Wednesday morning to make it even more official.

Some fans like the Missouri native. However, some are very upset that one of Michelle’s final four men was not given the role. One man in particular that many fans felt is deserving is Rodney Mathews. He was sent home following hometown dates.

Clayton Echard via YouTube 1
Clayton Echard via YouTube 1

One fan reportedly went to Twitter to say, “I find it very f***** up that this whole season they have built the storyline that Rodney is an underdog only to not choose him as the Bachelor and give this tagline to this man. AND announce all this the day he was sent home. Very very nasty.”

Another fan said, “I see lots of unhappy viewers saying the same thing, as they should. But DO something and boycott the show don’t just complain about the injustice. If their viewers plummet, then that’ll ACTUALLY send a message.”

Someone else chimed in saying, “Agree! That was never Clayton’s narrative and has been Rodney’s since his one on one. This is a lie and further evidence as to why I won’t be watching.”

Other thoughts on Clayton

There are other fans that believe that Clayton does seem nice. However, they think that perhaps he is too ordinary or not exciting enough.

So, others have declared they will be boycotting the new season set to premiere on January 3 as well because they don’t think Clayton is very interesting.

Perhaps as the season gets closer to airtime more fans will change their mind and give Clayton a fair chance.

What do you think about Clayton as The Bachelor?

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  1. Because they think he’s more boring than Rodney? Not likely! When has the total of BN been excited about a Bachelorette or Bachelor? Doesn’t happen. Some will come, some will go – but IMHO Rodney could never have held a season.

    1. You’re opinion isn’t very common. Rodney is a fan favorite. Clayton is typical. I haven’t seen such a dismal response to a bachelor or Bachelorette like I have with Clayton. I’ll be sleeping January 3rd.

  2. They wanted a good-o-boy with them big good-o-boy teeth and that good-o-boy chin,,by good, I mean “white”..and by chin, I mean, well, you get it it. They needed to appease the “white lives matter” citizens of bachelor nation. And anyone who thinks Rodney wasn’t interesting enough to carry a season just wasn’t paying attention. That guy was a diamond!

  3. I like Clayton. He reminds me a lot of Sean Lowe, the best Bachelor ever. If you’re upset because he wasn’t one of the final four, there are lots of Bachelors / Bachelorettes who were not in the final four. Matt James wasn’t even on the show before he was named Bachelor.

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