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Colton Underwood In Love; All The Details About His Boyfriend

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Colton Underwood had a different journey through Bachelor-land than a lot of other people. He jumped a fence for his winner Cassie Randolph.

What followed was a tumultuous relationship that ended in a restraining order. Move forward and Colton decided it was time to reveal the truth and now that he’s accepted his true self he’s in love. The former reality star is in love with his boyfriend, Jordan C. Brown.

After coming out on Good Morning America, Underwood felt like he had a great deal of support. He’s still navigating new territory but is happy and content with how things are going.

What Did Colton Underwood Say About Jordan?

Colton Underwood told US Weekly, “I’m happy, I’m in love and I’m in a good position.” He’s been promoting his Netflix documentary, Coming Out Colton. He said Jordan has met his family. He’s relying on a close group of friends as he continues his coming-out journey.

When asked if he would ever do another reality show featuring his love life, he didn’t definitely say no.

Colton said, “I’m growing and I want to give myself space to really explore new things at the moment.” He went on to say he’s protecting his relationship because public relationships weren’t healthy for him. Colton said privacy is important.

Who Is Jordan C. Brown?

The man Colton Underwood is in love with is Jordan C Brown. He is a political strategist. According to US Weekly, he worked on John Kerry’s campaign and advised Barack Obama’s campaigns.

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He’s good friends with Olivia Wilde and Sophia Bush. He also likes to sing in videos he posts. Jordan’s ex is a painter named Paul Rusconi. He was very close with Paul’s two children and posted pictures with them.

Fans Have Conflicting Views About The Documentary

Colton Underwood will be addressing the harassment charge against Cassie in the documentary series. He said in the trailer he was mortified by the whole situation and it was what ultimately led him to coming out. He also shared that he thought he’d die with the secret of his sexuality.

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Some fans of Cassie are still angry with Colton. One said, “he shouldn’t be awarded with a documentary.” A few others commented that Netflix is rewarding someone who allegedly abused his ex and tricked women into thinking they had a chance with him on national television.

However, most are happy for him. Former Bachelorette Ali Manno said, “This is incredible. You’re incredible! You are going to help sooooo many people.” Many fans think he’s brave. One said, “it takes a real man to share his personal life like this.”

What do you think of Colton’s relationship with Jordan? To read more about Colton’s coming-out journey, click here. Will you be watching the documentary series on December 3? Comment with your thoughts below.

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  1. I think Colton is mentally ill. I think his family indulges his behavior because they too have some issues. He’s using this man and his so called new sexuality to garner more attention and his plan is working because of the media. I believe Cassie when she said he stalked her and that he’s unstable. He’s a good looking guy so people want to give him the benefit of doubt when they shouldn’t.

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