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‘Too Hot To Handle:’ Does Carly Lawrence Have A New Guy?

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Carly Lawrence finished Too Hot To Handle Season 2 with Joey Joy. But the two have since split amid cheating allegations. Carly is ready to move on — and fans suspect she may already have a new guy in her life. Read on to find out more!

Is Carly Lawrence finally moving on with someone new?

Most Too Hot To Handle fans agree that Carly Lawrence experienced a lot of growth during her time on the show. Her rocky relationship with Chase de Moor made her realize the value of honesty and treating her partners the right way. After their split, she found love with Joey Joy.

But now that Carly and Joey are over, many fans are wondering if she has a new boyfriend. Her Instagram activity alludes that could be true.

Carly Lawrence/Instagram

Earlier this week, the Netflix star posted an Instagram photo posing with fitness trainer Steven Kelly. The two seem comfortable and flirty with one another. He has one hand cupping Carly’s chin and the other holding her hand.

“Ain’t he pretty,” Carly captioned the photo.

Carly Lawrence/Instagram

Steven Kelly’s Instagram doesn’t seem to feature any photos of Carly. But if the two are in a relationship, it could be that they just prefer to keep things quiet for now.

The Netflix star won’t stand for those who shame her love life

There’s nothing wrong with playing the field a little bit. Carly Lawrence did mature and grow a lot during her time on Too Hot To Handle, but she’s still young and wants to date around. And that’s exactly why she won’t tolerate those who try to shame her.

On Tana Mongeau’s podcast, she reportedly shamed Carly and talked about her extensive dating history. Carly quickly clapped back on Instagram saying,

“I have been getting an overload of DMs about a podcast where I was maliciously sl*t shamed,” Carly captioned her story. “And have been asked why I have not stood up for myself yet. Enough of the bullying and spinning tales. I’m perplexed as to why, after the first round of attempting to leverage me for something to talk about on a podcast, I received an ‘apology.’”

She proceeded to post screenshots of an exchange between her and someone else — presumably Tana, although the name is blacked out. The exchange included a half-hearted apology, which it doesn’t appear that Carly really took seriously.

Even though the Too Hot To Handle star is having her share of drama, she can take comfort in her friendship with her costar, Nathan Webb. The two are so close that many fans believed they were dating, but in actuality, they are just very close friends.

What do you believe is going on in Carly Lawrence’s love life? Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments!

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