‘600-Lb. Life’: Lacey Buckingham Abandoned In Texas By Fiance

My 600 Lb Life - Lacey - Buckingham

During tonight’s episode of My 600-Lb. Life Lacey Buckingham gets abandoned in Texas by her fiance Ricky and his sister Sharon. What happened that resulted in Lacey being left at the side of the road? Keep reading for My 600-Lb. Life Season 10 spoilers.

Warning: Article contains spoilers from My 600-Lb. Life Season 10, Episode 5 “Lacey B’s Story”

My 600-Lb. Life Lacey Buckingham Abandoned In Texas By Fiance

During tonight’s episode, Lacey Buckingham made what Dr. Now called an impulsive and rash decision by moving to Texas with her fiance Ricky. Dr. Now told Lacey to go back home and lose 50 pounds in two months. He also told her to go to a local doctor, get on a scale, and prove to him she was serious about losing weight. Lacey, however, did not listen to Dr. Now and she didn’t lose the weight. She didn’t reach out to Dr. Now and it sounded as if she missed all of her doctor appointments.

Ricky’s sister Sharon catches Lacey in a lie when she realizes she missed another appointment with Dr. Now after being asked to get a plane ticket and fly to see him. Turns out, Ricky had no idea about this appointment. Things get heated, but Ricky seems to be willing to forgive Lacey as long as she promises not to lie to him anymore.

my 600 Lb Liofe - Lacey buckingham

Ricky’s sister, however, admits that she isn’t willing to let it go. She makes it clear she can’t stand Lacey and she is convinced she’s just trying to use her sweet brother. Sharon explained to the camera that Ricky has health problems of his own and she considers it her job as his big sister to step in and protect him.

Lacey Buckingham Calls Cops For Help

After Ricky’s sister Sharon gets really pretty nasty with Lacey — verbally — she pulls over to a gas station. She announces her decision to leave Lacey Buckingham at the side of the road. She gets out of her vehicle and walks away for a minute. But, it is made clear she is done with Lacey. Ricky agrees with his sister. Things, however, seem to get worse after Lacey calls the cops.

My 600 Lb Life

Lacey Buckingham and Ricky get into it because Ricky doesn’t understand why she would call the cops on him. Lacey explains she actually called the cops on his sister. She pointed out that Sharon admitted she wanted to kill her and she no longer felt like she was in a safe situation. While it wasn’t caught on camera, Ricky insists that Lacey also told the cops he was abusing her. Up until this point, My 600-Lb. Life viewers absolutely adored Ricky he had been nothing but sweet, kind, and supportive to Lacey. So, there was nothing to suggest she was in any danger around him or that he would ever hurt her.

Sharon, however, did seem to validate Lacey’s fears and decision to call the cops when she pointed out she was lucky she called them.

My 600 Lb Life Sharon

Sharon And Ricky Donate Lacey’s Things

After abandoning Lacey Buckingham at a gas station, Ricky and Sharon donated all of Lacey’s belongings to a local charity. After getting checked out at a hospital, Lacey went to a hotel until she could get help from a friend on social media. Initially, Lacey reveals her friend suggested she might be able to live with their family in Houston after what happened. Unfortunately, plans fell through. Lacey’s friend, however, was kind enough to help Lacey get back to Washington.


Were you surprised when Ricky and his sister Sharon abandoned Lacey Buckingham in Texas? Did you feel bad for her or did you understand why Ricky and his sister made this decision? Share your thoughts with us in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for the latest My 600-Lb. Life updates.

My 600 Lb Life Lacey Buckingham

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  1. That Sharon is a TOXIC, evil woman. She said she was sooOOOO verbally abusive and nasty; and yes leaving someone on the side of a road over is sooo heartless. WOW, and her brother. A fiance? one fight over she couldn’t afford plane tickets, OBVIOUSLY, there is much abuse that wasn’t getting documented. U don’t just give up and BE DONE with someone over that. My guess: They must have had some monetary gain while in Washington, and planned this abandonment all along. EVIL people. MAY KARMA SOOOO KICK BOTH RICKY AND SHARON SO HARD 3X3 in their asses. WOW>

  2. Ricky an his hateful shit starting sister will meet Karma one day. You just don’t treat another human being like that,. My God they threw her out like a dog. Gave her things away to charity that’s low white trash is what they are.

  3. That was terrible the way Lacey was treated. I understand Sharon being mad but get over it. To donate her belongings that’s just low down. Karma will come for Sharon eventally.

  4. I can’t believe they did that to this poor woman -Ricky is a worthless poor excuse as a man (bitch) and his sister acts like she’s black lol – she says that Lacey is fat and disgusting but has she looked in the mirror 😂

    1. Acts like she’s black… how about she just acted a fool? I’m black and I don’t act like that. Ask my white husband.

  5. I think Ricky’s sister was very abusive to Lacey. I felt so bad for her. To leave her at a gas station, what a heartbreaking thing to do to someone. They both knew she would be stranded there with no way to get to Texas or to get back home. I hope karma hits both of them hard. I hope Lacey was able to get some furniture for her apartment. I pray she is able to continue her journey with Dr. Now.

  6. I agree I had to watch it twice to understand why Ricky had done that to her. His sister has mind control over him and he can’t make his own decisions

    1. I honestly think Ricky is mentally challenged. His sister is an evil person and has a lot of influence over him. He should have not been with Lacey in the first place. I hope Sharon is round of herself… she is trash.

      1. I agree with you. That’s why she and their mother are over everything he does. He’s not mentally capable and shouldn’t have been engaged to begin with. But to leave a person stranded is awful.

  7. Yeh absolutely terrible what they did to that poor lady. I don’t care if she lied you don’t treat someone like that. Karma will find both of them one day.

  8. This episode had me so pissed that I couldn’t sleep after watching. The nerve of the sister. She was absolutely disgusting. Over weight, smoking nasty pig! I am looking for that cow on social media. What kind of human would take someone to another state and abandoned them and then give her stuff away. I pray people come for her and make her life hell.

    1. Omg. I lost sleep too!! I was so mad after watching this episode. His sister was so horrible. They just got approval for the apt, just got engaged and were hours from moving in and working towards surgery until that low life ghetto piece of trash ruined everything. Please let me know if you find her. I’m so pisssed.

    2. I feel exactly like you!! I was looking on social media for her too! I have never been so mad after watching anything on TV. Sharon is a total waste of human flesh and waste oxygen that humans need to breath. She makes me sick!

  9. Sharon should be ashamed of herself for behaving the way she did. She literally ambushed Lacy on the way to Houston. Nobody gets that angry over a missed appointment and plane tickets. She was looking for a reason to stop the move. She has POA over her brother, I’m sure that involves a check that she may have had access to. If he moves to Texas so would the check. I think Ricky loved Lacy, that’s why they came back for her at the hotel. Sharon manipulate”s her brother so he will do what she wants him to do. Not to mention she is a bully. She didnt care that Ricky loved her. Sharon didn’t like her because she was taking her brother away. All that cursing she did on the show showed her ignorance. Why would TLC or Dr Now allow all of the bad language? Yes it was beeped out, but not good enough. Totally unnecessary and offensive .

  10. That really didn’t seem like a valid reason to break up or kick someone out of a car. It did seem like Ricky was just waiting for any tiny little reason to dump her. Very sick, very sad.

  11. Sharon is nothing but a trouble maker. She fed off of Ricky’s issues to cause problems between the two
    of them. She actually threatened Lacey on T.V. She should be arrested for uttering threats.
    Sharon you are a disgusting person inside and out. You need to get a life….

    1. That sister Sharon is evil, and yes she will answer for what she did to that woman! Also she needs to take a good look in the mirror. POS

  12. Yeah i agree with everyone 100%, i saw that episode last night that shit pissed me the fuck off i have never been so pissed like that before, this dude and his sister are both weak punk asses and i don’t care what anyone say i hope that evil bitch and her punk ass bitch ass bother get harassed, first of all that bitch is not tough to do what she did to that woman was some weak shit, let her come at me like that i would slap the shit out of her and her punk ass bother I’m not the one, i read the comments on hear so i know i wasn’t the only one that saw how fucked up this shit was, yeah some of you said you hope something bad happens to her, i hope that bitch and her bother suffer one comment i read said something about social media yeah fuck with that bitch on social media please, i mean that shit really upset me that shit they did to her and going to donate that poor woman stuff, 😡😡 are you fucking kidding me i almost wanted to cry for that poor woman, yeah that bitch and her bother need to suffer if you can get them on social media please do, my thing is this why didn’t she sue those punk asses i think this woman needs help from you all because if you saw that episode this poor woman needs to know she has friends and people who have her back, hit me back and tell me what you guys think.

  13. Bonnie yeah i read your comment 🤣 i don’t do social media but please i hope you find that evil bitch and give her a taste of her own fucking medicine i mean that episode really upset me that shit really got to me, she needs to be harrassed and fucked with on social media, i mean this bitch showed the whole world that she is disgusting and ugly and evil, yes Bonnie i agree with you please do it and let us know how it went and i think this poor woman needs a lot of support from everyone, like i said I’m not on social media but you are maybe get a lot of your social media friends to help her she needs to know that people care, and that wicked bitch and her bother deserve to suffer and be hated and spit on.

  14. Sharon you are not the prettiest yourself. For you to do Lacy like that knowing her condition is just evil. Your brother is a punk and she better off without his week ass. He needs to get some balls.

  15. Sharon said she was a caregiver AND POA for her brother. Guarantee you she only picked that fight (after trying many many times) so she wouldn’t lose her MEDICAID (welfare) check for caregiving Ricky.

    1. Lol yeah that bitch is a loser and like i said in my last comment i hope someone gets her punk ass and her pussy ass brother.

  16. I totally can not stand Sharon on the show. And her brother is a whimp. He should of took up for Lacey. That girl Sharon needs someone to throw her out somewhere and let her see how that feels. Lacey is better off without that whimp. But literally I can’t stand that sister Sharon. They did Lacey so wrong. It wouldn’t do me good to ever see that bitch Sharon in real life. But Lacey please hang in there. I am totally on your side..

  17. What an evil vile person! To just leave her on the side of the road with her being as sick as she is… yeah she lied about a plane ticket bc she couldn’t fucking afford it? Not a reason to kick her out like she did. And her brother just went with it! If he really lived her he would have not let that happen. I understood he is mentally challenged & his sister is just getting a check on him & doesn’t want it to get cut off so she was looking for any little bitty reason to not allow him to go. Her brother loves her & Sharon didn’t care at all. How disgusting & low.

  18. Even if Lacey was horrible and they just didn’t show it, to dump her off on the side of the road AND steal all of her belongings and get rid of them is absolutely heinous. If someone does find her social media, please let us know. I bet we’d alllll like to get in on that.

  19. Wow just watch Ricky being manipulated by his sister Sharon. I think he has some kind of mental health problems, It was easy to get him to do what Sharon his sister wanted. Now Sharon from the start didn’t like Lacey and found any trivial things to escalate into bashing Lacey verbally. She is a bully and an serial manipulator. Lacey it’s not Ricky fault he just understand his family attitude and that negative. And didn’t take yours feelings and emotions into consideration. Why would they’d give your personal stuff to charity. You should take them to court. Your better off without him if he will leave you stranded in a petrol station (gas station)

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