Thrilling Netflix Korean Sci-Fi Series ‘The Silent Sea’: Trailer, Release Date

Sense8 star Bae Doona stars in the Netflix Korean Sci-fi The Silent Sea

Netflix has just released a trailer for the new Korean sci-fi series The Silent Sea. The clip gives us a first look at the chilling sci-fi thriller, set in the depths of space. Meanwhile, the story centers on a group of astronauts, seeking to retrieve samples from an abandoned lunar base.

Netflix Korean sci-fi series The Silent Sea

Netflix is having plenty of success with the release of its latest K-Drama series and movies. What with the runaway success of Squid Game and the terrifying new horror, Hellbound, fans are clamoring for more.

Netflix Korean Sci-fi The Silent Sea
[Image Netflix Asia/YouTube]
Netflix Asia recently released a trailer for the latest Korean sci-fi thriller series, The Silent Sea. The caption to the trailer is chilling in itself. It reads, “An abandoned lunar base. A mission with a 10% survival rate. One by one, crew members end up dead.”

Plot of the new sci-fi thriller

Netflix’s latest venture into Korean drama series looks pretty exciting and will drop on December 24. If you have had enough of the usual Christmas TV fare by then, this exciting series will be the perfect watch on Christmas Eve.

The series The Silent Sea is based on the short film The Sea of Tranquility, written by director Choi Hang-Yong. However, the series will expand on that short film’s premise. In fact, it will center on a dystopian future where space travel becomes essential due to climate change.

Not much of the plot is available as yet, but in the trailer, we watch as the group of astronauts approaches the abandoned lunar base. It is clear they find something terrifying as they arrive at the scene.

The trailer for the upcoming Netflix series, The Silent Sea is included here:

We think you will agree that the new series does have great possibilities for a Christmas binge?

Cast of The Silent Sea

The Netflix series features a number of recognizable faces, including Gong Yoo as the team leader of the lunar mission. He also starred in Train to Busan and, more recently, the smash hit Netflix series Squid Game.

Netflix Korean Sci-fi The Silent Sea
Sense8 star Bae Doona in The Silent Sea [Image Netflix Asia/YouTube]
Another familiar face comes with Bae Doona, who previously starred in the popular  Netflix series Sense8. Meanwhile, accorfding to Collider, other cast members include Lee Joon of The Vampire Detective and Heo Sung-tae.

Behind the scenes of the Netflix sci-fi series

As mentioned earlier, the series is written and directed by Choi Hang-Yong and will be executive produced by Jung-Woo Sung. As with other previous Netflix K-drama films and series, The Silent Sea is a Korean language project, featuring English subtitles.

Just to remind readers, the sci-fi series The Silent Sea will premiere on Netflix on Christmas Eve, December 24, 2021. It could be just the thing for those not in the mood for Hallmark Channel’s latest syrupy Christmas movie!

Readers, are you excited about Netflix’s latest venture into Korean sci-fi TV? Let us know by dropping a comment below.

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