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‘The Witcher’: What Does The New Trailer Say About Yen & Geralt’s Relationship?

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Fans of The Witcher games may have gotten a bit of a different story when it came to Geralt’s love life. One of the bigger complaints of the game’s handling of the story was surrounding how they changed who Geralt was attached to. In Season 1 of Netflix’s The Witcher, we get a look at Yennefer’s back story. In this, we can see that she was an ugly and malformed person. The content surrounding her on-screen does an excellent job of spelling out exactly what her trials and motivations are.

The Witcher’s witches

In the universe that The Witcher takes place, magic plays a harsh and dangerous role. The consequences of the magic aren’t always at the end of the story. They feel real. Magic has a day-by-day influence. The transformations that are undergone by magic can be horrific. When Yennefer goes to be transformed it sterilized her. She can no longer have children. What’s more, this becomes one of the main motivations facing the character moving forward. In the latest Season 2 trailer, we can see a recap of how this affected Yennefer and Geralt’s relationship.


The Witcher’s wish

In the latter half of Season 1, Yennefer and Geralt are speaking with a dragon. Immediately, it comes to light that Geralt, shortly after meeting Yen, wished for their love. As a result, Yennefer is upset . She is worried that it means that their relationship is fake. When the fact that Yennefer can’t have children comes into the argument Yennefer storms off. Geralt, being a witcher, is said to have no emotions. This is untrue. Although some fans speculate on whether it is only because of the wish, he undoubtedly cares for Yennefer.

The witch’s plan

Yennefer takes to life at court well. After her transformation, she makes her place in the world as a successful magic user. Although, the new trailer is mostly a recap of what happened in Season 1, it is obvious that her relationships will be expanded on. After the battle at the end of the last season, her fate is uncertain. Will she give up her quest to have a child? Does she finally get to be with Geralt’s surrogate daughter? Will the writers for Netflix’s The Witcher take her character in a completely new direction?

The Witcher, Netflix

Season 2 and beyond

Netflix has done a good job with The Witcher so far, according to fans. Will they continue to hit the mark in season 2 and beyond? What changes will be made to the story? Some choices, like expanding Yennefer’s back story were great, but it is always suspenseful seeing your favorite stories getting added on to.

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