Simone Biles Shows Off Killer Curves In Gorgeous Bikini Shots

Simone Biles Shows Off Curves In Bikinis [Credit: Simone Biles/Instagram]

Olympian Simone Biles showed off her curves in a swimsuit. At the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, she became the most decorated gymnast on the U.S. team. Simone inspired fans with her conversation about mental health and self-care. She continues to be an inspiration for young girls everywhere thanks to her social media presence.

The athlete loves to share swimsuit photos on Instagram. Yet, she’s aware of how social media and beauty standards are harmful to women and young girls alike. Simone opened up on how even she tried to live up to these unrealistic beauty standards herself. She admits that she still struggles with it on a daily basis.

Simone Biles opened up about beauty standards

In February 2020, the Dancing with the Stars alum took to Instagram to share an insightful post. Simone compared the competition that commonly occurs in sports to the competition that happens in everyday life. Social media is a platform that invites competition among teen girls and women. It can lead them to a comparison trap, that causes them to go on a downward spiral.

“In gymnastics, as in many other professions, there is a growing competition that has nothing to do with performance itself. I’m talking about beauty,” Simone revealed in her Instagram post. “I don’t know why but others feel as though they can define your own beauty based on their standards.”

Simone Biles Shares Bikini Photo [Screenshot | YouTube]
[Screenshot | YouTube]
She shared that she’s “tired” of having everything become a competition. Instead, Simone wants to stand up for all women. Around that time, she became the face of the beauty brand SK-II. The reason why Simone joined the brand is that she no longer wants to participate in the competition that social media and today’s beauty standards impose on women.

She continues to be a beacon of hope for her peers and fans. Because of this, she’s become one of the most inspiring Olympic Gold Medalists on social media. She currently has 6.9 million followers on Instagram.

Aside from inspiring messages, Simone also shares bikini photos. She’s not just flaunting what she’s got. She feels comfortable in her own skin, and she wants girls with similar features to see themselves the same way.

Olympic medalist shows off her bikini photos

On Tuesday, November 30, Simone Biles showed off her curves in a bikini once again. This time, she wore a white floral print bikini that showed off her curvy bottom. The athlete turned her head towards the camera as she showed off her long, beautiful braids. The caption reads: “never met a beach I didn’t like.”

SImone Biles Wears Cheeky Bikini [Credit: Simone Biles/Instagram]
[Credit: Simone Biles/Instagram]
Just yesterday, Simone posed confidently in a hot pink two-piece swimsuit. The pint-sized beauty paired her look with a black Prada bucket hat. She wrote in the caption, “he said that he prada me,” playfully poking fun at her accessory.

Simone Biles Pink Bikini [Credit: Simone Biles/Instagram]
[Credit: Simone Biles/Instagram]
Yet, that’s not all. Simone also shared a video of herself twirling around in an orange bikini. She’s been soaking up in an undisclosed tropical location. Simone warned her fans in another post that she’s currently “livin bikini local.” She posted two photos of herself wearing a baby blue bikini.

Simone Biles Baby Blue Bikini [Credit: Simone Biles/Instagram]
[Credit: Simone Biles/Instagram]
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