Scheana Shay Reveals Body Image Issues After 40 Lb Weight Gain

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Everyone knows how difficult it can be to lose weight after having a baby. Scheana Shay has a bit more of a spotlight on her than the average postpartum mama. She opened up recently about how difficult it has been for her. The Vanderpump Rules crew all had babies around the same time.

Lala Kent, Stassi Schroeder, and Brittany Cartwright also gave birth to their first children this year. Brittany had her baby with another former VPR star, Jax Taylor. Lala Kent and Randall Emmett welcomed Ocean Kent in March. Stassi Schroeder and Beau Clark welcomed Hartford Charlie Rose in January. Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor welcomed Cruz Michael in April.

Scheana gave birth to her daughter this year, Summer Moon Davies. Not only was she dealing up being a brand new mom, the show started filming again right after she gave birth.

Why Is Scheana Shay Struggling?

Scheana Shay hasn’t had as easy of a time as some of her co-stars. She admitted to Heavy that it’s been a struggle and she had to be kind to herself. The thirty-six-year-old put on forty pounds during her pregnancy.

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While she had to keep reminding herself it was going to be worth it, she said she’d do it again in a heartbeat. She said, “I’m okay with every pound I’ve put on.” Scheana said she had a hard time getting back to working out and being comfortable with her body.

In the past Scheana said she did compare herself to the other new moms on the show and how their weight loss was going. She specifically was talking about Lala Kent. Shay said, “She’s strutting around in a string bikini and I’m trying to cover up, but still look cute.”

In the past when she wanted to lose weight, she carb cycled and hit the gym hard. She’s doing the Lightning Fit workout according to a post on her Instagram. Her fiancé Brock Davies is a personal trainer, so he likely gives her some pointers.

She’s Feeling Better About Things Now

Scheana Shay says now she’s feeling better and getting back to working out. She set goals for herself and said, “I was excited for the day that I could rock a crop top again.” Shay also just recently put back in her belly button ring.

Instagram, Scheana Shay, Summer Moon

Summer Moon has her own Instagram account with cute pictures like the one above. One fan said, “Came here to tell Summer that she’s the cutest VPR baby and I see everyone already has that covered.”

What do you think about Scheana’s postpartum insecurities and how she came out ahead? Do you think filming a reality show as a new mom would be difficult? Comment with your thoughts below.

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