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‘LPBW’ Fans BEG Audrey Roloff To Seek Medical Help

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LPBW fans are begging Jeremy Roloff’s wife Audrey to seek medical help after a recent update on her Instagram Stories. What has Audrey Roloff done that has fans thinking she’s in desperate need of a doctor? Keep reading and we will explain what has Little People, Big World fans in such a tizzy.

Postpartum Audrey Roloff struggles with mastitis

Audrey Roloff revealed to LPBW fans via Instagram Stories that she has suffered from mastitis at least 20 different times while breastfeeding her three children. Turns out, the last bout of mastitis left her feeling really sick. She, however, was quick to reassure her followers she was feeling much better — other than being exhausted.

She explained: “I’m feeling a lot better this morning. I’m just exhausted from fighting off the mastitis, but usually, I can fight it off within 24 hours and at least get my fever to break.”

I have had mastitis now 20 times between all three kids and all three kids have had tongue and lip ties and we’re leaning towards fixing Radley’s. We have a consult for it next week.

As The Sun reminds us, Audrey and her husband Jeremy Roloff recently welcomed their third child Radley into the world. Audrey Roloff has been extremely active with posting photos and videos of the little guy on Instagram. This is a very different approach than Isabel Roloff and her husband Jacob who vowed they would not be sharing their child with the world.

Audrey Roloff Instagram
Audrey Roloff Instagram

What is mastitis?

According to Mayo Clinicmastitis is defined as “inflammation of breast tissue that sometimes involves an infection.” The condition is most common in women who are breastfeeding.

The Mayo Clinic goes on to report that when mastitis isn’t properly treated or is the result of a blocked milk duct, it can cause a collection of pus to form. If a collection of pus forms, the individual would need surgery to drain the abscess. Individuals who develop mastitis are encouraged to reach out to a doctor to avoid this type of complication.

According to Kelly Mom (a breastfeeding blog), women who suffer from recurring mastitis usually means they did not completely recover from a previous bout of the inflammation. For this reason, it is even more important for someone with recurring mastitis to reach out to a doctor.

LPBW Star Audrey Roloff Instagram
Audrey Roloff Instagram

LPBW fans beg Audrey Roloff to get medical help

After watching her Instagram Stories updates about her mastitis, LPBW fans rushed to Reddit to react to the information. Most fans of Audrey and her husband Jeremy Roloff were horrified. And, they really hoped the former TLC personality sought the help of a doctor.

Here’s some of what LPBW fans had to say:

  • “You. Need. Antibiotics.”
  • “Is she counting each day as a separate incident of mastitis? She sounds so dumb, I don’t think she realizes that it’s the same infection until its run its course/you get antibiotics to treat it.”
  • “I seriously doubt she has actually gotten an infection 20 times. If she has then holy sh*t she needs some extra medical help here.”

Many LPBW fans suspected Audrey Roloff wasn’t really sure what she was talking about. Some argued she possibly didn’t understand the condition herself. Overall, however, most just hoped she actually went to a doctor and got antibiotics instead of trying to heal herself with essential oils.

LPBW - Audrey Roloff Instagram
LPBW – Audrey Roloff Instagram

Do you think Audrey Roloff has sought the help of a doctor? Or, do you think she doesn’t understand mastitis as much as she claims to? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on this TLC personality.

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  1. I took care of a woman who thought she had mastitis. Her doctor thought so as she just had a baby.. 2 years later with 3 children she died of breast cancer.. please go to the doctor.

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