Josh Duggar Trial Update: Jill Dillard Named As Witness

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Josh Duggar trial updates on Reddit reveal Jill Dillard has been named as a witness. Counting On fans have mixed feelings about this update. But, for the most part they are rallying behind Jill Dillard with nothing but love and support.

Fans and followers of the Duggar family hope Jill Dillard was named as a witness to speak out against her brother Josh. And, fans hope Jill Dillard will get justice for all of her sisters that became victims at their brother’s hands.

Josh Duggar Trial Update: Jill Dillard Named As Witness

According to People Magazinewe don’t know if Jill Dillard is a witness for the prosecution or the defense. Those rallying behind Jill in support of her, however, hope that she is a witness for the defense.

As those who have been following the story know, Jim Bob Duggar was named as a witness during the pre-trial hearing last month. While Jim Bob Duggar did testify at the beginning of the week, he was not on the list of witnesses.

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Jury selection for Josh Duggar’s trial was completed on Tuesday evening. The opening arguments for the trial will take place on Wednesday. The trial is estimated to last anywhere from five to six days.

Counting On fans rally behind Josh Duggar’s sister

In chatter on Redditthose following Josh Duggar trial updates admit they were surprised to see Jill Dillard’s name on the witness list. Fans of Jill suspect that is why her husband Derick Dillard hasn’t had much to say on social media as of late. Here’s some of what Counting On fans had to say after learning Jill was a witness:

  • “Take that b*stard down, Jill.”
  • “Nothing but empathy for Jill. This has to be incredibly traumatic for her right now.”
  • “I can’t believe how brave she is! I know she has horrible views but what she is doing here deserves to be admired.”
  • “No wonder she’s been inscribing Bible verses on herself like temporary tattoos. Jill’s decision to do this is heroic, no matter how problematic she may be in other aspects.”

Some noted that Jill’s husband’s law degree likely helped her prep for this moment. Others suspected his law degree is also why he’s been silent on social media as he doesn’t want to do anything to hurt the prosecution.

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Were you surprised to see Jill Dillard named as a witness on Josh Duggar’s trial? What do you think she will say when she takes the stand? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest news on this former TLC family.

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  1. Josh must be prosecuted. It is apparent at age 12 began his deviant behaviour. Got worse over 10-14 years. Hope Jill has the wrath of god for support. Josh needs counseling and separation from society right now.

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