Josh Duggar Trial Update: Jedidiah Duggar Named As Witness

Josh Duggar - Jedidiah Duggar Youtube

Josh Duggar trial updates popping up on Reddit reveal his brother Jedidiah Duggar has been named as a witness. Those following this story admit on various social media platforms they were a bit surprised to see Jed Duggar’s name on the witness list.

What did Jedidiah Duggar know that resulted in being called as a witness? Was he speaking on behalf of his brother? Theories began to fly as Counting On fans and Duggar snarks discuss all of the reasons why Jed Duggar is a witness.

Josh Duggar Trial Update: Jedidiah Duggar Named As Witness

As People Magazine confirms, Jed Duggar was named as a witness during the jury selection process on Tuesday. As we previously reported, one of the jurors got dismissed after it was discovered they were linked directly to Josh’s family. The judge was reportedly upset to learn the juror hadn’t been booted earlier in the screening process. Unfortunately, it is unclear as to whether Jed is speaking on behalf of the prosecution or the defense. Fans of the Duggar family, however, do have a lot of theories.

katey Jedidiah Duggar Instagram
katey Jedidiah Duggar Instagram

Fans Speculate What His Brother Knows

Those following the Josh Duggar trial speculate Jed is likely speaking on behalf of the defense. In chatter on Reddit, there is speculation that Jedidiah Duggar will be a witness regarding the password on the computer in the office. The theory on Reddit is that Jed will argue a lot of people had access to the same device and there is no way to prove it was Josh that the explicit material belonged to.

Overall, fans find it hard to believe any of the Duggar men would speak out against their brother. By that same token, however, fans wonder how Jed’s sisters will feel about him if he speaks out in defense of his brother Josh.

Sister Jill Dillard Also Named As Witness

As we previously reported, Jed and Josh’s sister Jill Dillard has also been named as a witness. While it wasn’t made clear for either her or Jed, those following the Josh Duggar trial updates are relatively sure Jill is speaking on behalf of the prosecution. Counting On fans speculation Jill’s husband Derick used his law degree to help prep his wife for this moment. Fans also have a heavy heart for Jill as they know this has to be a difficult time for her.

Josh Duggar - Jill Duggar Dillard - Youtube
Josh Duggar – Jill Duggar Dillard – Youtube

Did it surprise you to see Jedidiah Duggar name on the witness list for Josh Duggar’s trial? Do you think he is speaking in support of his brother? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on this former TLC family.

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