Did Any Of The ‘Sister Wives’ Cast Catch COVID?

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Kody Brown laid down some pretty extensive rules when it came to COVID precautions. Even Janelle noted on the latest episode of Sister Wives he went above and beyond the CDC regulations. It began to drive a severe wedge between the families, causing resentment from the kids towards their father. So, did all of his precautionary measures actually work? Did any of the Browns ultimately catch the virus?

Sister Wives Divided Over COVID

Shortly after Season 15 began, COVID overtook the world. It got so bad that the Browns had to start filming themselves with iPhones. Viewers watched as the pandemic dramatically changed their lives and began to shift the plural family. Once they moved to Flagstaff, the four wives were more distant than ever- literally. They had yet to build on their lot, Coyote Pass. Therefore, Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn had to find their own residences.

Sister Wives Christine Brown - Kody Brown Youtube
Sister Wives Christine Brown – Kody Brown Youtube

In Utah, the original three wives (Meri, Janelle, and Christine) lived in one home with Kody and their children. He would rotate areas to give each wife equal time. In Las Vegas, the women lived in a cul-de-sac so they had autonomy but were still in close enough quarters. Now, Flagstaff had them spread miles away from one another. This made it hard to know how each wife was handling quarantine. Kody decided he would be the one rotating between each home but he felt Robyn and Meri were the only cautious ones. Meanwhile, Janelle and Christine were traveling and having friends in town.

Sister Wives Credit: TLC
Credit: TLC

Additionally, Janelle’s sons were both in school and working so they had exposure. She finally told him to stay away for an extended period of time as a precautionary measure. He would not even travel with his and Christine’s daughter, Ysabel for her scoliosis surgery because it would involve additional quarantine time. So, did Kody’s rules save or protect the family?

Kody’s Rules Fail- But Who Suffered?

His kids finally started to really lash out at him during the bonfire. They do not understand why they cannot just quarantine as a family. Then again, not all of the wives are observing the same rules. Christine admitted she went to Janelle’s and they did not socially distance. She claimed she had to choose between Kody and Janelle and that was the choice she went with.

Sister Wives Credit: TLC
Credit: TLC

The most susceptible to COVID of the Browns are Kody and Robyn’s son, Solomon who had RSV as a baby. Truely, who is his daughter with Christine, had kidney problems when she was little. Thus, she is at risk for exposure. “I am literally suffering from hurt feelings by my family’s refusal to abide by COVID quarantine protocols. I want to do the right thing, and it’s breaking my heart that I have been marginalized to the point where I am no longer the head of my household in a couple of homes,” Kody told the camera, according to Life & Style.

Credit: TLC
Credit: TLC

All the lectures, precautions, and pep talks could not keep the patriarch safe. Recently, Kody confirmed he had COVID. During a Cameo video, he shared his diagnosis. It was a rough time though he never said when he had it nor if he was the only one. It may play out during this season. Are you surprised he caught it and who do you think he will point the finger at?

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