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Trent Johnston Admits Being Miserable, Needs Change?

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At the moment, things aren’t going so well for 7 Little Johnstons star Trent Johnston. The TLC dad is opening up about his feelings and doesn’t love where he is in life.

The tenth season of the Johnston family’s show premiered on November 16. Already, TLC fans are fed up with Amber and Trent being on the show. However, the next episode focuses on Trent’s current life issues, so fans won’t get a break from the parents quite yet.

In the upcoming episode of 7 Little Johnstons, the father to five reveals how he’s really feeling. He also talks about the changes he hopes to make to deal with these concerns. Read on to find out what’s happening in Trent’s life.

Credit: Trent Johnston/Instagram
Credit: Trent Johnston/Instagram

What’s going on with Trent Johnston?

In a new 7 Little Johnstons preview from TLC, Trent opens up to Amber. The couple is sitting in bed as he brings up everything that’s on his mind. He shares that he feels like his current job has “put a toll” on him. He questions whether he wants to stay in the landscape business or try something new.

He continues, “I think it would be better for me, in the long run, to get away from that physical, demanding job that breaks me down and makes me eat Tylenol.”

He talks about getting into a “white-collar” field where he would use his brain rather than his body. The TLC star explains that it would help so he’s “not hurting and tired and worn down.”

Then, he says, “Right now, in my work-life balance, you know, I’m not spending any more time at work than I am at home than I have in years past. But it does feel like I’m spending more time at work. And I think that’s because I’m not enjoying it. So it weighs heavy. When something’s not enjoyable and you’re miserable, it just feels like it drags on and lasts a lot longer or it’s just a burden to you.”

He confirms that this is where he’s at with his job. So, he’s interested in exploring other options in hopes of making a change.

So, will you be watching the new episode of TLC’s 7 Little Johnstons? What do you think Trent Johnston will end up doing about this? Let us know in the comments section below. For more news about the Johnstons, come back to TV Shows Ace. Don’t miss new episodes of the show Tuesdays at 8/7c.

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  1. I got fed up with amber and trent last season because the way they treated anna and jonah. I think trent went through a midlife crisis. He changed jobs working for a car dealership. I follow them on instagram and he seems happy with his job

  2. As a parent I totally relate to Amber and Trent. They are real and the situations they face with teens who have a lack.of drive, deal with anger, special needs…I have been there and appreciate how they handle it. Not every decision is right nor is it what I havenor would do but in that moment they did what they felt best for them and their family.
    I also applaud them for how they tey take time for each other, many of us as parents… forget.

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